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About Obama and Operation: F&F, I think I understand now…

After doing a little reading on “Operation: Fast and Furious”, on how Obama is a huge part of this controversial story, there is a lot of speculation, that Obama may have been responsible for this. Obama may have started “Operation: Fast and Furious”, under the order of Eric Holder. Although this is not definite yet, it’s just speculation right now. Holder seems to be protecting himself and Obama, and covering things up.

What “Operation: Fast and Furious” is, (I’m sure some of you already know what it is, but I’m explaining anyway, just to show you I know what it is), is that the ATF ran a series of gunwalking sting operations. They were done under, Project Gunrunner. The goal was to sell a large number of guns to Mexican drug cartels. Selling weapons to illegal straw buyers. This has led to a lot of gun violence which killed, US Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry.

There is also a lot of speculation of what the intention was for “Operation: F&F”. Some say it was an attempt for Obama to get rid of the 2nd Amendment laws ’cause we all know that Obama has never been gun friendly.

Mitt Romney, already called Obama out for “Operation: F&F” during the 2nd President Debate, but Obama just ignored it. He just sat there and smiled. Kind of shows that he knew exactly what Mitt was talking about and what Obama was up to. It was an evil smile. Kind of like a, “You better shut your mouth” kind of smile.

A lot of people say that the “Operation: F&F” was started by the Bush Administration, but those claims were made by Obama himself and people believed him. Obama is an evil madman, and he should be impeached and arrested. Not just for “F&F”, also for many other bad things he did in the past. Action needs to be taken, before Obama continues to do more bad things and kill more innocent people within the next 4 years in office.


Cool Video: Dave Mustaine was only quoting what Larry Pratt said at the Singapore concert…

Well that was fast! Dave Mustaine called up the Alex Jones show to clarify what he said at the Megadeth, Singapore concert. Dave said he was only quoting what Larry Pratt said when he blamed Obama on the shootings. Larry Pratt did an interview with Alex Jones way before Dave Mustaine said it, and Larry said pretty much the same thing.

I still support Megadeth ’cause I am a fan of their music. I dig their stuff, plus Dave is an excellent songwriter and guitar player. Larry Pratt was the first one to blame Obama and the government for shootings, how come nobody’s hating on him? Alex is right on the money!