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Interesting discussion on “Operation: Fast and Furious” in this video at the Blaze…

I really liked this little discussion of “Operation: F&F” at the Blaze here. So a gun from “Operation: F&F” turns up after a recent gun shoot-out at a Mexican resort and this made debates about “Operation: F&F” start back up again. This is a pretty interesting discussion about “Operation: F&F” in this video.

Just like with Benghazi, no answers came out of “Operation: F&F”. I also agree that all those guns that was a part of this operation has spreaded out all over the place. I also wouldn’t compare Bush’s “Wide Receiver” to “Operation: F&F” as both are totally different operations. Both operations are unrelated together as explained in this video. Bush never started “Operation: F&F”.

It doesn’t matter how long it will take. It could take years to get to the bottom of “Operation: F&F” and “Benghazi” but we’ll get the truth either way. The Obama administration is being blamed for both tragedies ’cause they seem to know more than we do and they won’t give us answers on anything. If they won’t give us answers, then we’ll get the answers ourselves.

This administration needs to be in jail. Not just Obama, the whole administration. If you honestly believe they had nothing to do with both then you are an ignorant piece of shit with no heart. Benghazi and Operation: F&F will not go left unanswered. People are investigating on their own and most of us wants answers ’cause we care for our fellow Americans.



Mother of murdered border patrol agent calls out President Obama over “phony scandal” comment…

The mother of Brian Terry, the murdered border patrol agent who was killed at “Operation: Fast and Furious” speaks out on President Obama’s comment over “phony scandals”. She is outraged and offended over Obama’s comments which is understandable. She says her son’s death was too real and she even invited Obama to her son’s grave to have a long talk about it. She wants answers for her son’s death and just like with the 4 Benghazi victims, she got nothing in return.

Read the full story, here.

I understand how Obama may think these scandals maybe a little silly which is probably what he meant but Obama needs to learn how to word things better so he won’t upset people. Obama’s been upsetting people with his last few speeches.

Operation: F&F and Benghazi maybe slowly fading away from the media but we won’t forget about these two tragedies. Everybody knows that Obama has something to do with them. Even Brian Terry’s Mom knows Obama had something to do with “Operation: F&F”. It doesn’t matter how long ago these two tragedies were… we’re gonna get to the bottom of both of them somehow. The dead victims of both tragedies deserve their justices just like you think Trayvon deserve his justice like I said before.

Some of you guys kept saying that we should move on from “Operation: F&F” and “Benghazi”? Do you ever look at yourself in the mirror and see how much of a hypocrite you guys sound? This is a perfect example of liberals being hypocrites. They all whine and cry about Trayvon not getting his justice when you should do the same and move on since these tragedies happen all the time. Do you get the point of how this makes you a hypocrite? If you’re not gonna move on from Trayvon then don’t fucking tell me to move on from Operation: F&F/Benghazi.

F&F/Benghazi are both pretty serious and they can’t be ignored. What do both Operation: F&F and Benghazi have in common? Yes, that’s right. They’ve been both left mysterious and they have no answers so that’s how you can tell that Obama definitely had something to do with both of them.

For him to call these two tragedies, “phony”, makes him a disrespectful and careless piece of shit.


More on Obama’s Benghazi/Operation: F&F crimes…

Ya know, I understand why some people in America wants to mistakenly believe that Obama is innocent in Benghazi and Operation: F&F. Why? Simply because there hasn’t been enough evidence yet to prove Obama’s guilt. There has been plenty of Benghazi hearings but still nothing has come out of them. The news media have also been investigating Benghazi on their own (most notably Sharyl Atkinsson who is doing the best job) and the news media is also investigating Operation: F&F. There has been no answers on F&F either. You have to ask. How come these horrible tragedies happen and there has been no answers on either of them? They have both been left mysterious. The House is doing all they can to get Obama questioned and investigated on both of these crimes but they are almost always unsuccessful. Only very little information has come out of both of them. Not much but a little bit, here and there.

I’ll have to say though, that what if Obama is proven to be responsible for Benghazi and F&F? I’m not saying he will be but what if he turns out guilty after all? What if myself and many other Republicans happen to be right about all of this? If Obama turns out guilty on both of these crimes… prepare for a day full of entertainment online. The internet will blow up about it, indeed. It could go on for days. All the people who once supported Obama and thought he was a great leader, they will lose respect for him for sure — at least, I hope so, anyway. That’s when everyone in America will beg for impeachment and arrest — even the Democrats/liberals will side with us Republicans.

Then, I’ll be the one to tell you all, “I told you so, you should have listened to me!!!” If he’s found guilty of both of these crimes… it’s going to be a big media frenzy for sure.

I’m hoping this day will happen and when it does, I’ll make a video of myself to celebrate with a champagne bottle and glass. I’ll have an American flag near me on the video and will say, “It’s a great day for America”.

This day will come.

It’s going to be difficult for Michelle and the two daughters, for sure but even they need to know what kind of man he is. It wouldn’t surprise me if Michelle knows everything — she’s helping to protect Obama too.

Hopefully, they do get him this summer. The sooner, the better. We can’t have any more deaths of American citizens and we’re going to put an end to this.


About Obama and Operation: F&F, I think I understand now…

After doing a little reading on “Operation: Fast and Furious”, on how Obama is a huge part of this controversial story, there is a lot of speculation, that Obama may have been responsible for this. Obama may have started “Operation: Fast and Furious”, under the order of Eric Holder. Although this is not definite yet, it’s just speculation right now. Holder seems to be protecting himself and Obama, and covering things up.

What “Operation: Fast and Furious” is, (I’m sure some of you already know what it is, but I’m explaining anyway, just to show you I know what it is), is that the ATF ran a series of gunwalking sting operations. They were done under, Project Gunrunner. The goal was to sell a large number of guns to Mexican drug cartels. Selling weapons to illegal straw buyers. This has led to a lot of gun violence which killed, US Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry.

There is also a lot of speculation of what the intention was for “Operation: F&F”. Some say it was an attempt for Obama to get rid of the 2nd Amendment laws ’cause we all know that Obama has never been gun friendly.

Mitt Romney, already called Obama out for “Operation: F&F” during the 2nd President Debate, but Obama just ignored it. He just sat there and smiled. Kind of shows that he knew exactly what Mitt was talking about and what Obama was up to. It was an evil smile. Kind of like a, “You better shut your mouth” kind of smile.

A lot of people say that the “Operation: F&F” was started by the Bush Administration, but those claims were made by Obama himself and people believed him. Obama is an evil madman, and he should be impeached and arrested. Not just for “F&F”, also for many other bad things he did in the past. Action needs to be taken, before Obama continues to do more bad things and kill more innocent people within the next 4 years in office.


Cool Video: Dave Mustaine was only quoting what Larry Pratt said at the Singapore concert…

Well that was fast! Dave Mustaine called up the Alex Jones show to clarify what he said at the Megadeth, Singapore concert. Dave said he was only quoting what Larry Pratt said when he blamed Obama on the shootings. Larry Pratt did an interview with Alex Jones way before Dave Mustaine said it, and Larry said pretty much the same thing.

I still support Megadeth ’cause I am a fan of their music. I dig their stuff, plus Dave is an excellent songwriter and guitar player. Larry Pratt was the first one to blame Obama and the government for shootings, how come nobody’s hating on him? Alex is right on the money!