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Media attacks Donald Trump over Mexican criminals but reports about Mexican drug lord, wtf???

So Donald Trump makes a simple comment that the borders are wide open and illegal immigrants are coming over committing all kinds of crime like rape, murder, drugs, etc…. the media attacks Trump and everybody gave him shit about it. It was just an honest statement that he had the right to point out. Yet everyone in the media and both the GOP & Democrats got their panties in a bunch over nothing.

Yet here comes a news media breaking news story that a Mexican drug lord escapes from a prison. Then they report that this guy who escaped has been smuggling drugs into the U.S.



I strongly believe NBC and the rest of the media treated Mr. Trump pretty unfairly. It’s just proof that they just attacked him ’cause he’s running for president. They know he had a right to say what he wants… they attacked him ’cause it was a political move. I’m noticing that the media has been trying to make Jeb Bush look good so I take it that the mainstream media want Jeb Bush as president and not Donald Trump? That’s what it seems like they’re trying to do. Trying to take down Trump so they can shove Jeb Bush in our faces.

I’m sorry but it should be the people’s decision of who they want for president, not the mainstream news media. The media seems to be controlling the elections for the past decade or so and I’ll have a post on that soon.

Trump shouldn’t worry about the unfair treatment by the media ’cause all they’re doing is making him even more popular ’cause they did a great job of that.


Isn’t it amazing how Donald Trump even pissed off the GOP and FOX News???

Donald Trump is not only upsetting the liberal left. He is also upsetting most of the GOP in Congress and most of the GOP candidates. FOX News even turned their back on him. FOX News is now doing all they can to make Trump look bad and instead they’re trying to shove Jeb Bush in our faces. This isn’t exactly a bad thing, though. This is what Trump needs to do in order to attract more votes and win the election. Trump is doing good. Doing what he’s supposed to be doing. He knows that America is fed up with liars and he’s the only one who has the balls to tell it like it is. That’s why more and more people are starting to support him.

When Trump said that he’s going to “Win the Latino Vote”, he’s so right on that. There’s even a lot of Mexicans who support him now ’cause of his stance on illegal immigration. The left accused him of being delusional when he says he’s gonna win the latino vote but they just can’t take the truth. The more he does his rally’s, the bigger the crowds are gonna get. Yes of course, people are gonna accuse Trump of hiring actors but I don’t believe that’s true. The funny thing is, Hillary did the same thing at her speech in NYC hiring actors to be her supporters but there’s no outrage.

Trump is more popular than Ted Cruz, Hillary and Bernie Sanders now which is awesome. Trump made all the other candidates in the election look small.

He is doing a great job on the election so far and hope he keeps at it. If he wants to get even more votes then he should start calling for Obama & Hillary to be arrested for Benghazi. Trump should call out Eric Holder for Operation: F&F scandal ’cause if you think about it the “Operation: F&F” scandal is Mexico related so that would be appropriate for Trump to bring up. Like I said before, if Trump wants even more votes, he should expose Obama’s birth certificate. Trump and Sheriff Arpaio recently teamed up together over Illegal Immigration so who knows? Maybe they will work together on Obama’s birth certificate? Obama’s birth certificate is definitely a fake, it’s already been proven… it’s just that nothing has been done about it. The media continues to ignore Obama’s birth certificate so Trump needs to bring it up again. I hope Trump doesn’t back down on the birth certificate ’cause it’s starting to look like it. Trump hasn’t brought up the birth certificate ever since he announced his president run. Is Trump afraid it will hurt his campaign? I’m sure Trump will bring it up again, give it time.

As long as Trump is upsetting people and driving both sides crazy, it’s definitely a good thing. It’s a proven fact that America wants Trump as president and our government doesn’t like it. I can see why ’cause Trump is rich and he’s not a career politician, that’s probably the big reason why they’re scared of him. I think they’re afraid of losing their careers once Trump gets elected.

Trump is just gonna keep getting bigger and bigger. Democrats are gonna try voter fraud again but the more popular Trump gets, they’ll have no choice but to give him the win. I’m pretty confident that Trump is gonna be our next prez. Obama is gonna try a third term or martial law but I’m pretty sure Trump is gonna make sure that doesn’t happen. He’ll fight Obama if that happens so I don’t think Obama will still be president after 2017… Trump won’t let it happen. If Trump wins the election and the election gets cancelled ’cause of Obama’s “martial law”, I’m pretty sure Trump will sue the government.

It’s gonna be interesting to see what happens in 2016, though. Hopefully the elections will still go on ’cause like some other people, I’m a little nervous of what Obama is planning but he’s definitely planning something. It seems like Obama keeps campaigning for something himself which is why he keeps doing all these fundraisers and speeches… it seems like he’s been secretly campaigning for a third term.

I actually want Donald Trump vs. Hillary Clinton face to face during the debates. That’s gonna be entertaining as hell. Trump will destroy Hillary in the debates… he could get her crying if he wanted.


Obama still silent on Kate Steinle murder… won’t give statement… no phone call to family…

So Obama quick to respond to things like Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, Eric Garner, Freddie Gray, the Charleston shootings, etc. Yet Obama ignores the Kate Steinle murder. Which kind of figures ’cause Obama never gave a statement or offered the family’s condolences to Navy Seal Chris Kyle’s family either.

Ya know, it seems to me that the only time liberals respond to a shooting, being compassionate and all is when Obama responds to it. Liberals don’t respond to shootings that Obama is silent on.

They won’t respond to things that don’t incite race riots. As long as it fits their “Black Lives Matter” stuff they’ll respond to it.

I don’t think you’ll ever see Obama responding to the Kate Steinle murder ’cause the White House’s, Josh Earnest made it clear they won’t comment.

If this isn’t good enough proof that Obama is a racist against whites then I don’t know what else it is. Ben Stein was right when he said Obama is the most “racist” president in history.


If liberals won’t show compassion to Kate Steinle, then I will…

It’s no surprise that the liberal community is gonna ignore the death of Kate Steinle and show no compassion whatsoever. I hope they’re proud of themselves that this happened.

Kate Steinle, a young beautiful innocent woman gunned down for no reason. She still had a whole life ahead of her. She was gonna do big things in her future like get married to her lawyer fiance, she was also gonna get herself in a career in medical sales. She had a beautiful family who’ll never see her again. She was also a big time traveler and a adventurer type of lady. She seemed very happy.


It’s a real shame that the liberal community cry “gun control” when it comes to Sandy Hook, Trayvon Martin, Michael Brown, etc. How come the liberal community ignored Kate Steinle? Is it because it didn’t fit their agenda? That’s what I hate about the liberal left… they politicize everything. Fuck ’em, seriously. It seems they don’t care about white America deaths at all. They’re so hung up on their “Black Lives Matter” garbage.

RIP to Kate. Hope she gets her justice ’cause she deserves it and her shooter needs to be held accountable to the fullest extent of the law. The shooter deserves life in prison so hope he gets it.


Illegal Mexican immigrants protest Ann Coulter’s book signing in Costa Mesa, California…

Whether you like Ann Coulter or not, she didn’t deserve this. It’s also the beginning of Obama’s transformation of America. Obama is trying to have a race war with blacks vs. cops and then he’s allowing all kinds of undocumented Mexicans to enter our country. This is all just Obama transforming America but not in a good way. What you see here is just starting. We could get this everywhere pretty soon… undocumented Mexicans taking over the country and most of them are probably Muslims too.

Donald Trump is right that we need to build a great wall and keep these fuckers all out.

Again, Obama is transforming America and I’ve been predicting it for months. It’ll soon get a lot worse.

I’m feeling that Obama will probably remain president after 2017. Yeah I know, it may not be constitutionally legal for a President to serve more than two terms but what’s stopping Obama from continuing to be President after 2017? Nothing will stop the man. When was the last fucking time he followed the law or obeyed the Constitution? He’ll figure out a way to be president even after 2017. He’ll continue to be president until someone decides to stop him. Like I repeatedly say, we may not even have the 2016 elections at all.

Obama really needs to be removed from office. I don’t care how it happens. He needs to get out of the White House and get thrown in jail where he belongs. It’s amazing to me how libtard America haven’t woken up about him yet. No matter what we try to tell them, they’ll still support Obama no matter the situation and it makes me sick, honestly it does. People really are insane and delusional in this country.

Anybody that continues to defend him is a fucking idiot and needs to get their brains checked ’cause they really are being brainwashed by libtard media. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what he’s doing to the country. Like I said before, I don’t need FOX News or Rush Limbaugh to tell me what he’s doing to our homeland ’cause it’s pretty easy to see.

This is just the beginning America. Obama made this happen… just like he made things like Ferguson and Charleston happen. He’s intentionally transforming and dividing the country. Turning us into a Muslim state. Fuck all you liberals for continuing to support this clown in the White House ’cause honestly, that’s another big reason why I said goodbye to facebook. Too many delusional Obama supporters, I can’t be near those people.

These fuckin’ undocumented Mexicans deserve a better life than us? Hell NO! They need to go back to Mexico where they came from and stay there. They have no place here. Undocumented people aren’t normal people. You can’t trust them and they can be very dangerous as well.


As I predicted, Donald Trump beat Jeb Bush in the GOP polls… despite Mexican controversy…

Not surprisingly, Donald Trump is now the frontrunner of the GOP candidate in the upcoming Elections. WHy? Like I said, more and more conservatives in America respected him for being realistic. That’s what the American people wanna see, that’s who the American people wanna support… real honest people. Americans are getting fed up with liars so since Donald Trump has been doing nothing but telling the truth, that’s why more and more people are starting to support him.


I’m also noticing that Bernie Sanders is the no. 1 frontrunner for the Democrat side so it may as well be Trump vs. Sanders on the nomination? Hillary doesn’t have a chance ’cause of all the scandals she has: Benghazi, the e-mails, the Clinton Foundation, etc. Hillary will have no choice but to quit like she did last time.

Even though I’m not a big fan of Sanders, I can deal with him more than Hillary, though. Anybody is better than Hillary! Still though, Bernie Sanders better watch out ’cause Jim Webb just jumped on the Democratic race so Webb could potentially beat Sanders in the polls.

Anyway, back to Trump, his honesty maybe controversial yes but controversy is good. It’s what he needs to do to earn more votes. Love him or hate him all you want to, Trump could easily get past the primaries.

We really need a guy like Trump in the White ’cause he’s a good negotiator. Obama was never a good negotiator. Trump could negotiate with other world leaders pretty well.

I really hope we get Trump in the White House ’cause we really need him.

What’s weird about all this is… everyone is accusing Trump of “racism” when what he really said wasn’t racist at all but George Takei said something really racist and doesn’t get any shit back. How come Al Sharpton didn’t go after George?

Anyway, I think Donald Trump is gonna do good in the election. All this stuff about the Mexican illegal aliens being criminals is just the beginning.


Once again, Donald Trump tells the truth about Mexican criminal aliens, the truth hurts doesn’t it???

This is just another reason that the Donald is getting my vote. He’s not afraid to tell the truth and if you’re offended, then the truth hurts doesn’t it?

Check these articles out:







Yep, these are the kinds of people that Obama wants to give Obamacare, new jobs and other freebies to. Obama wants to make their lives better than ours… how is that fair? Illegal aliens aren’t normal people y’all. This is how Obama wants to destroy America, it’s part of it. I so agree with Trump all the way and it makes me like him even more.


If you think Obama’s illegal “amnesty” is good for the country, then you’re completely insane…

Predictably, libtards are acting like Obama is a hero over his illegal “amnesty” plan. What’s new with libtards in facebook and social networking? The left will support everything Obama does which is crazy and insane.

I did watch Obama’s immigration speech on CNN last night and as usual just his typical bullshit. Lying all the way through. Predictably, there is not one mention of securing the border. You want to stop illegals from entering our country, closing the border will stop that from happening. Deploying more border patrol agents at the Mexican border and deporting illegals back to Mexico isn’t gonna solve anything. That’ll just make illegals entering our country a lot worse.

Deporting immigrant criminals is a bad idea too. Notice how Barack never mentioned the word “terrorist” when talking deporting criminals??? Libtards don’t pick up on that. Deporting immigrant criminals would be very tough and challenging to do plus it would cost a lot of tax dollars.

On top of that, Obama’s immigration is all garbage. I don’t care what Obama’s ideas for illegal immigration are, it’s all illegal and not faithful to the Constitution. He shouldn’t be doing this without Congressional approval.

As for why the major networks like NBC, ABC, CNN, and even FOX didn’t air the speech last night… my observation is that they didn’t want to upset their viewers and send their viewers in an outrage. Obama’s immigration is not for everyone and those networks were worried that they would get in trouble for airing something “illegal” like CNN did. Those networks could lose money and ratings and they didn’t want to get put into a lot of pressure by “conservative” viewers.

Libtards are complaining about the conservatives “negativity” and “hate” over Obama’s immigration… well, we’re not gonna sit back and be positive about it. This is part of Obama’s plan in transforming America but not in a good way. People are scared of Obama and you should be too. If you support Obama’s illegal “amnesty”, then you are un-American and a traitor. If you support illegals going from undocumented to documented, then you don’t believe in America and you disrespect the Constitution.

If you support everything Emperor Obama does no matter the situation, then I want nothing to do with you. I will no longer debate politics with you and you will just be ignored. Hopefully, when January comes and when the GOP take power of Congress, they will fight back at Emperor Obama. They need to fight back hard and do what we elected them for.

Obama was not even born in this country himself. He too is an illegal immigrant. Defend him all you want, I will always believe he wasn’t born here. Deport his ass back to Africa where he belongs.

Anybody that supports Obama or think there is nothing wrong with him, is probably uneducated and knows nothing about politics. If there was a conservative president going for illegal “amnesty”, all the libtards would have wanted him impeached.

Like I repeatedly said before, it didn’t take me long at all to find out what kind of man Obama is. I never liked him since the 2008 elections. I never voted for him for both elections and it’s disgusting that you did.


“Operation: Fast and Furious” documents finally released by the Judicial Watch…

The Judicial Watch were successful at forcing the “Operation: Fast and Furious” documents out of the DOJ finally… thanks to the Freedom of Information Act. While it’s good news that they got the documents; however, no bombshells about Obama and Holder have been exposed predictably.

I took a look at through some of the documents. While there is a back and forth discussion going on with the people of the ATF all that stuff, the e-mails and the letters have a lot of blank spaces. The Judicial Watch didn’t put the blank spaces on some of these documents, the DOJ did… I would think. They left a lot of spaces blank in some of the documents ’cause if they showed the whole thing… it would have showed Obama’s and Holder’s name on them. They hid stuff to keep Obama and Holder from getting in trouble.

One thing that these documents did prove was that they tried to target Sharyl Attkisson for reporting the story and it proves that this administration knew about this gun-walking scandal when they claimed they didn’t know anything about the “Operation: Fast and Furious”.


Speaking of Sharyl Attkisson, I’m in the middle of reading her book “Stonewalled” and I’ve read the “Operation: F&F” chapter. It’s pretty interesting stuff. Holder is in the middle of this and being accused of it ’cause he claimed he never heard of the “Operation: F&F” and people are trying to prove that he knew. That’s what this is about.

It doesn’t yet prove that Obama and Holder started the gun-walking scandal but getting there.


Sgt.Tahmooressi finally released from Mexico jail but…

… it’s an obvious political move before the November elections. Obama knows he should have released him a long time ago but why now? He knows that the Democrat party and liberals are in danger. Obama knows that he’s just about finished as president. He knows that he lost a lot of respect from the Conservative side and he did it just to make Republicans happy before the Nov. 4th elections as well.

It’s good that Sgt. Tahmooressi is finally out but it’s also an obvious distraction as a way to help keep America’s minds of all the negative things going on in America like Ebola, Isis, all of Obama’s scandals, etc.

Obama’s knows he’s just about done soon and this is his way of trying to save his presidency. You’ll think that Obama has nothing to do with with the release of the Marine but of course he does. Sgt. Tahmooressi is one of ours and Obama’s commander-in-chief. Obama’s in charge of all military so of course he’s responsible for men and women in uniform that are serving prison time.

He knows that the Republican are about to get a historic victory on Nov. 4th and he’s trying to stop that from happening. Obama just trying to make himself look like a hero again.

Now they just need to get Chelsea Manning released and give Edward Snowden more freedom.