Illegal Mexican immigrants protest Ann Coulter’s book signing in Costa Mesa, California…

Whether you like Ann Coulter or not, she didn’t deserve this. It’s also the beginning of Obama’s transformation of America. Obama is trying to have a race war with blacks vs. cops and then he’s allowing all kinds of undocumented Mexicans to enter our country. This is all just Obama transforming America but not in a good way. What you see here is just starting. We could get this everywhere pretty soon… undocumented Mexicans taking over the country and most of them are probably Muslims too.

Donald Trump is right that we need to build a great wall and keep these fuckers all out.

Again, Obama is transforming America and I’ve been predicting it for months. It’ll soon get a lot worse.

I’m feeling that Obama will probably remain president after 2017. Yeah I know, it may not be constitutionally legal for a President to serve more than two terms but what’s stopping Obama from continuing to be President after 2017? Nothing will stop the man. When was the last fucking time he followed the law or obeyed the Constitution? He’ll figure out a way to be president even after 2017. He’ll continue to be president until someone decides to stop him. Like I repeatedly say, we may not even have the 2016 elections at all.

Obama really needs to be removed from office. I don’t care how it happens. He needs to get out of the White House and get thrown in jail where he belongs. It’s amazing to me how libtard America haven’t woken up about him yet. No matter what we try to tell them, they’ll still support Obama no matter the situation and it makes me sick, honestly it does. People really are insane and delusional in this country.

Anybody that continues to defend him is a fucking idiot and needs to get their brains checked ’cause they really are being brainwashed by libtard media. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what he’s doing to the country. Like I said before, I don’t need FOX News or Rush Limbaugh to tell me what he’s doing to our homeland ’cause it’s pretty easy to see.

This is just the beginning America. Obama made this happen… just like he made things like Ferguson and Charleston happen. He’s intentionally transforming and dividing the country. Turning us into a Muslim state. Fuck all you liberals for continuing to support this clown in the White House ’cause honestly, that’s another big reason why I said goodbye to facebook. Too many delusional Obama supporters, I can’t be near those people.

These fuckin’ undocumented Mexicans deserve a better life than us? Hell NO! They need to go back to Mexico where they came from and stay there. They have no place here. Undocumented people aren’t normal people. You can’t trust them and they can be very dangerous as well.


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