Video: ET Williams, “Mexico is a F**King Hell Hole, Now these thugs are in San Jose”…

Everybody wants to act like Mexico is such a wonderful country. Is Mexico so wonderful and lovable? ET Williams is so right that Mexico is a hell hole. If you do your research, Mexico has so much crime and violence in that country. There’s a lot of gangs there and drug cartels as well. Crime in Mexico is much worse than crime in the United States.

For an example of research info on Mexico crime and violence:!/conflict/criminal-violence-in-mexico

The way Mexicans are treating Americans in San Jose is proof how dangerous Mexicans can be. I’m not saying all Mexicans are dangerous and violent people… some of them can be good people but Mexico is not really a kind country like many want to believe.

I wouldn’t want to vacation there.

What ET Williams is saying is that if Mexicans think their own country is so great then why come over here protesting against Trump? All that is doing is proving that Mexico is a hell hole.

Mexico is a very dangerous country to visit. You should be able to see that after Obama & Holder’s “Operation: Fast and Furious” scandal.

Liberals want to believe there’s nothing wrong with Mexicans? They say we have no reason to fear them? Really?

I would never go to Mexico and you shouldn’t either. If you do, you’re crazy.


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