Thoughts on all the rioting going on at Trump rally in San Jose, CA…

I’ve been watching footage of all the illegals and thugs rioting at the Trump rally in San Jose. I must say that I find it all pretty disgusting. The rioters were as usual a mix of illegal aliens, thugs and Bernie supporters. Trump supporters were beat up, women being attacked or harassed, rioters throwing things, burning flags, etc. The sad thing about all this is that there were plenty of police officers all over the place but they didn’t do anything to save people. They just stood there and watched everything going on. I’m like, I thought the police were supposed to “protect and serve” but they weren’t doing that. They just stood around. Somebody obviously gave the police in San Jose the stand down order so they weren’t allowed to do anything. The mayor of San Jose who is Sam Liccardo gave them the stand down order but I’m pretty sure somebody gave Mayor Liccardo the order to tell the police to stand down. I’m pretty sure it was Hillary that wanted the officers to stand down, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Watching all that was really sad and disgusting. Everybody knows that Bernie & Hillary organized the rioters and sent them out there… paid for by George Soros. Bernie is obviously responsible. That old man would do anything to win an election so he sends out his rioters and supporters out to disrupt. I ranted about this in my facebook page this week and Bernie lovers in my facebook page didn’t like it at all. They replied to my postings trying to deny that Bernie had anything to do with the rioting. They also tried to make me think that they weren’t Bernie supporters. Bunch of idiots! Of course they were Bernie supporters. I know ’cause I went to a Trump rally myself and most of them were Bernie supporters. Most rioters are pretty much Bernie or Hillary supporters obviously.

What’s even more disgusting to me is that Bernie fans would defend Bernie over this. Bernie fans really don’t care about innocent people getting hurt at all. They really don’t. All they care about is their precious Bernie winning an election. Whether you like Trump or not, you should be able to denounce the rioting but I don’t see Bernie supporters denouncing the rioting at all. Instead, Bernie fans in facebook seems to be all supportive of the rioting.

Bernie fans don’t like me saying all of this but I don’t give a shit. I call on things like I see it. I tell things exactly the way they are. I have no problem destroying Bernie fans ’cause those pieces of shits deserve it. They don’t care. All they want is for Trump to step down so their Bernie can win.

The funny thing is they do all the Trump bashing but they don’t like it when we bash their Bernie. I’ve always tried to figure out why that is. When we bash their Bernie, they’ll be like, “Waaah, we can vote for who we want”. When they invade Trump rallies that’s not giving us the freedom to vote who we want. Bernie fans have no right to tell us who to vote for either, so fuck off. I tell ya, guys. Bernie fans piss me off more and more, I’m about to delete ’em all off my facebook. I already came pretty close to doing that before. Bernie fans are insane and a bunch of douchebags. I try to ignore them most of the time but sometimes I can’t help but call them out on their bullshit when they think the rioting is okay.

Bernie fans think the rioting is gonna stop Trump but it isn’t. All this is doing is proving all the reasons why we need that wall. All it’s doing is proving Mr. Trump right that illegals are violent and dangerous people. Mr. Trump has been getting more and more voters for this reason. Bernie and Hillary sending rioters out is actually helping Trump. What part of that can’t you understand? All it’s doing is that it’s proving that Mexican illegals are nothing but scum. Build that wall and take out the trash.


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