Video: Illegal Mexicans attacking innocent Americans in San Jose is terrorism, not protesting…

It’s interesting how some don’t wanna really call it what it really is. Media and liberals wanna call it “protesting” but I’m not gonna call it “protesting” anymore. What you see in the video above are illegal aliens who are anti-America. They’re more than just anti-Trump, they hate America overall. Not only illegal Mexicans join in on the rioting, liberals and Bernie supporters join in too.

It’s interesting how Bernie supporters don’t wanna condemn the rioting but instead they’re very protective of Bernie over this. Shameful. The left really did show their true colors, I totally agree. The left claims to be all for human rights and being all for rights for women but really? They maybe all for human rights and all that bullshit but they don’t care if you’re a Trump supporter and a conservative.

Trump supporters don’t deserve this at all. Makes me hate Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton even more ’cause there’s no doubt that those two organized all the rioting. I know Bernie lovers want their Bernie to win but it’s not gonna happen. Bernie just lost the election ’cause of all this rioting.

Anybody that blames all the rioting on Trump and his supporters is a fucking idiot.

Bernie supporters really do suck. Can’t stand any of ’em. It’ll be all over soon.


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