Rasmussen Reports: Many Voters Think Obama is Less Faithful to the Constitution…

I’ve been saying for years on my blogs and social networking that Obama has been doing nothing but shredding the Constitution throughout his presidency. We don’t call him the worst president in history for no reason, y’all. Whenever we do call him the worst president in history, stupid liberals will brush it off and defend him. I think Obama has been defended way too much and he doesn’t deserve it, in my opinion.

There are still a lot of dumb people who believe there is nothing wrong with Obama and it makes me sick, really.

Barack Obama is why we have Trump running for president, y’all. Think about it, right? Obama is trying to single-handedly destroy the country and Trump wants to save us all. All the Trump haters wants to disagree with Mr. Trump that Obama is destroying the country which is shameful. Obama shreds the Constitution while he gets to go golfing and go on vacation whenever he wants to. Liberals have no problem with it. Liberalism is a mental disorder, it really is.

This is why we all support Trump ’cause Obama doesn’t care about the Constitution or the law. He doesn’t care about the will of the American people. Obama sides with blacks, Muslims, gays and terrorists. What kind of fucking president is that?


If you still believe there is nothing wrong with Barack then you probably watch too much NBC/CNN, read too much of the Washington Post or follow Being Liberal/Occupy Democrats in Facebook. You get your info from sources that feed ya one-sided views.


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