Video: Here’s a compilation video of all the protesting & rioting in California at Trump rallies…

Here’s another compilation video of all the protesting and rioting that went on in California lately.

Ya know, Illegal aliens and liberals want to accuse Trump of spewing out so much hatred when the reality is these people should look in the fucking mirror. Hypocrites all of them. They want to accuse Trump and his supporters of so much hate & racism? Well look at all of these illegal Mexicans and all these black liberals hating on white Trump supporters. That’s spewing out nothing but hate and racism as well.

I’ve seen most of the footage in the video above ’cause I saw it all on facebook and youtube. They put all of it in one montage which they did a nice job of it.

It’s amazing to me how much hatred liberals have toward people with “right-wing” beliefs. Liberals really have shown their true colors and the above video is proof to that. I’ve always known that liberals were nothing but a bunch of bullies. Shameful.

Anyway, your precious Bernie Sanders is not gonna win the election ’cause of all this. Bernie will not be the Democrat nominee. Bill Clinton said, “Bernie supporters will be toast”… I’m not a Bill Clinton fan but he actually said something that makes a lot of sense. I agree with Bill for once that Bernie and his supporters will lose miserably. Bernie supporters are done.

It’s easy to see that Bernie supporters are nothing but animals and savages. Nothing but bullies. I’ve always known it. Bernie supporters treat Trump supporters like garbage online and offline. Bernie should be in jail for inciting all these riots.


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