Americans wants the media to stop being “one-sided” when it comes to reporting news…

You wanna know why most Americans are upset at our mainstream news media? The simple answer is that we just want them to stop being so one-sided when it comes to reporting news. Many want to say that “liberal-bias” doesn’t exist but yeah, “liberal-bias” is real… don’t kid yourself, y’all! You readers should know by now that I’ve been bashing the mainstream news media for a long while now. I don’t watch or read the news anymore for a lot of reasons ’cause all they do is ram “liberalism” down our throats. “Liberalism” is reported at almost every news outlet you see and even FOX News is starting to go “liberal” a little bit. The mainstream news keeps ramming liberalism down our throats all the time ’cause they mistakenly believe that’s what the American people wants to see.

If you want examples of liberal bias in the news, let me explain to prove my point…

– Liberal media treating Democrat politicians like they’re heroes but Republican politicians are the bad guys. For example, the MSM making Barack & Hillary look good but Donald Trump is evil.

– Liberal media thinking gay marriage is right for America while they believe “traditional Marriage” believers are bigoted and homophobic.

– Liberal media believing that Muslims are innocent and peaceful but it’s racist when Muslims are called violent.

– All the political correctness when it comes to gun violence… they don’t want to be honest about that stuff. For example when a thug is killed by a cop ’cause the thug grabbed his gun, the media makes the cop looks like the bad guy instead. This has been going on since the Trayvon Martin thing.

– Dishonesty when it comes to Illegal aliens. The reason so many people can’t see that illegal aliens are violent people is ’cause the liberal media is very protective of them.

I can go on all day with this.

I’m so fucking tired of the news. Honestly, I don’t watch TV at all… well, I don’t watch much cable TV, at least. When I do want to watch TV, it’ll be on Netflix or I’ll watch a good movie but that’s about it. This is why we support Donald Trump ’cause we’re sick of the media’s shit. We want the news to be honest with what’s going on in the world. Honest journalism is dead. The news today is getting much worse than the tabloids.

This is why too many people who call themselves “liberals” have one-sided views ’cause they get their info from places such as NBC, CNN, The Washington Post, The NYTimes, MSNBC, etc. Those are all liberal rags. Sad that people actually believe all that stuff.

Ya know, I don’t get my political info from the news at all ’cause that’s the last place where you want to get your info from. I like to think outside the box. Something known as “Critical thinking”. I like to look at facts and tell the truth. Of course, when you look at facts and tell the truth, when you have a different opinion than the media… people will call you “misinformed”, “clueless” and they’ll call you names like “right-wing nut job” or a “conspiracy theorist”. There are many Americans who mistakenly believe that the media is pretty reliable which is why they believe everything they see & hear.

Let me give you readers some advice is to never trust the media. I repeat, NEVER TRUST THE MEDIA! I wish people would stop having one-sided viewpoints and look at things in a realistic manner. It’s the media that’s brainwashing people and turning people into liberals. Well the media won’t turn me into a liberal, I’m too smart enough to not fall for their bullshit. I’m not that gullible and naive like most people are these days.

We gotta get Donald Trump in the White House ’cause we gotta change the way the media reports its news. The liberal news media is getting much worse.


One thought on “Americans wants the media to stop being “one-sided” when it comes to reporting news…”

  1. The media gets some thing right by my considered opinion and many things wrong. But I certainly agree with the fundamental point that media is very highly opinionated. For instance the White House recent demonstration gone bad has been condemned for the bad part by pretty much every more right leaning spokesperson and organization out there. But are their voices ever offered on Apple News, Google News or major media? No, almost never. Instead we see endless tirades slamming all more right leaning organizations and persons and trying to even call them supporters of terrorism. And this is just the most recent example.

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