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Video: Watch Trump supporters humiliate protesters about the Wall…

This video is entertaining as hell. I love watching videos where Trump supporters school in the NeverTrump crowd at Trump rallies. Trump supporters win every time too.

Ya know, each time someone asks a Trump hater on why they don’t like Donald Trump… the only answer they can all think of is that “Trump is a racist”. That’s the only answer they can come up with and it’s proof that they aren’t very smart. It’s proof that the NeverTrump crowd are horrible at debating politics and they don’t know anything. This video is also proof that the NeverTrump crowd are ignorant, dumb and braindead.

If you hate Trump and think him being the racist is the only reason, you’ve been brainwashed by the media. When people decide to play the race card and use the word “racist”, they lost the debate. That’s how the liberal left declare victory in debates by crying “racist” so they can silence the opposition. The word “racist” is an overused term and liberals can’t think of anything else to say.

I know this ’cause I’ve been called a racist too many times myself. It’s getting old and tiresome. The more you call people racist all the time, the more unintelligent you look so keep it going. Come up with some new responses. Idiots.