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No Trump didn’t “cave” to Chuck and Nancy, he’s just being a strategic genius like usual… just watch…

Man, people on both sides of the spectrum are so dumb. Seriously.

Some of you probably wanna know what my thoughts are on this. Yesterday, President Trump delivered another major announcement at the White House announcing that the Government is back open… for now anyways. The Gov. will be open until Feb. 15th which is just three weeks away. Gov. is open for “three weeks” but yet all you see is everyone going, “Oh no, Trump caved to Chucky/Nancy and the Democrats”. The left feels victorious and many on the right are upset that they feel Trump “caved”.

Well nobody “caved” and nobody “won”. If you listen to the actual speech like I did and he gave a great speech like always, Trump is only reopening the government to help those Federal workers that were really hurting during the shutdown and plus, this is just Trump’s way of giving the Democrats some time to negotiate with Trump on the deal of border security. This is just Trump being the strategic genius he is like always. This is Trump playing his usual game of chess like he is always good at. It’s like this, “You got three weeks to negotiate with me, if not the government goes back down or I could use my presidential powers to do something about it myself”. That’s what Trump is doing. He’s playing mind games with Chuck and Nancy. Trump is putting the pressure on them and in order to keep the government open, the Dems will cave in to Trump instead. That’s how this is going.

Chuck and Nancy have been saying for a long while now that they’ll negotiate with Trump about the wall once the government is open. Now that the government is open lets see if Chuck and Nancy will negotiate with Trump now. If not then Trump will either shut the gov. down or he will use his constitutional powers to do something about it himself like “declare national emergency” or something like that.

It’s really simple to understand but nope. All the liberals and Fake Trump supporters are bashing him over this.

Apparently, the Trump base is still divided. The Fake Base vs. Real Base is still a problem. Ya know, “Fake Trumpers”… people pretending to support Trump publicly but all they’re doing is criticizing him and bashing him all the time. When you call them out on it, they say things like “I”m a free thinking Trump supporter” and say things like, “I don’t have to agree with him on everything”. If what you say is true then get off the Trump Train. It’s not that hard to admit that you don’t like him but many of these “Fake Trumpers” are afraid to admit it. They won’t admit publicly that they hate Trump but they claim to be a supporter and always bashing him all the time. I don’t understand it.

I’ll have to say though that those “Fake Trumpers” are nothing but a bunch of assholes. They’ll bash you for supporting Trump 100% and they act like liberal snowflakes. I’m noticing on twitter and facebook, the fake Trumpers have been blocking the real Trumpers. Quite sad really and I don’t like it.

This is nothing new with the Fake Trumpers, though. Always flip flopping on Trump. Give it time. They’ll get back on the Trump Train once they realize they were wrong again. They think Trump caved but he didn’t at all. The gov. will be open for only 3 weeks and already people are freaking out.

Take a chill pill, y’all. It’s gonna be okay. Trust Trump. He’s got this and he knows what he’s doing. Being the strategic master that he usually is. Trump will get that budget he needs from Democrats and like I said above, the Democrats will “cave” to him instead. Just watch. I know my prediction is gonna be right. To all the liberals feeling “victorious” over this, don’t get too excited yet. It’s not over until we get that wall. Not by a long shot.


Most Americans find Government is the no. 1 problem in the US and I absolutely agree!!!

The Gallup released a new poll that is pretty interesting and I wholeheartedly agree with it!

What is the problem of America? You can forget terrorism. You can forget the economy. You can forget the divisive of race and all that stuff but the only problem today is government. Government is the reason that terrorism happens. Government is the reason that things like in Ferguson is going on. Government is the reason the economy is doing horrible. We are not the problem. It’s the government.

The Government allowed corrupted people and criminals like Barack Obama, Hillary and many others to destroy our country.

Be it, either democrat or republican, liberal or conservative, government is a problem overall. They are the reason the government is so corrupted and messed up. They are the reason why we aren’t happy in this country. The government as a whole has always been a huge problem. Our government is a big mess right now and it has gotten much worse than before. I’m dissatisfied not with only our asshole president, I’m dissatisfied with our government overall.



Report: Jaycee Dugard sues U.S. government for failing to monitor Phillip Garrido…

Look like we’re not the only ones who think the US Government is broken. Look who else is upset at the US. Yes, that’s right, Jaycee Dugard has filed lawsuit at the Government for private mediation because they failed to properly monitor, Phillip Garrido. She doesn’t want the money for herself, she wants to help other families who suffered similar experiences she went through.

Read the full story, here.

I can understand why she’s doing this. She has every right to do it too. I’m sure some would accuse her of being money hungry for this, but it isn’t about money at all. Maybe this is her way of getting revenge at Phillip. He tortured her for 18 years and she wants to torture him in return.

She’s an inspiration to me. Her story is pretty powerful stuff. I wish her the best.