Most Americans find Government is the no. 1 problem in the US and I absolutely agree!!!

The Gallup released a new poll that is pretty interesting and I wholeheartedly agree with it!

What is the problem of America? You can forget terrorism. You can forget the economy. You can forget the divisive of race and all that stuff but the only problem today is government. Government is the reason that terrorism happens. Government is the reason that things like in Ferguson is going on. Government is the reason the economy is doing horrible. We are not the problem. It’s the government.

The Government allowed corrupted people and criminals like Barack Obama, Hillary and many others to destroy our country.

Be it, either democrat or republican, liberal or conservative, government is a problem overall. They are the reason the government is so corrupted and messed up. They are the reason why we aren’t happy in this country. The government as a whole has always been a huge problem. Our government is a big mess right now and it has gotten much worse than before. I’m dissatisfied not with only our asshole president, I’m dissatisfied with our government overall.


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