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Report: Jaycee Dugard sues U.S. government for failing to monitor Phillip Garrido…

Look like we’re not the only ones who think the US Government is broken. Look who else is upset at the US. Yes, that’s right, Jaycee Dugard has filed lawsuit at the Government for private mediation because they failed to properly monitor, Phillip Garrido. She doesn’t want the money for herself, she wants to help other families who suffered similar experiences she went through.

Read the full story, here.

I can understand why she’s doing this. She has every right to do it too. I’m sure some would accuse her of being money hungry for this, but it isn’t about money at all. Maybe this is her way of getting revenge at Phillip. He tortured her for 18 years and she wants to torture him in return.

She’s an inspiration to me. Her story is pretty powerful stuff. I wish her the best.