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I’m praying and hoping the House destroys “Immigration Reform” and not let it pass…

Usually, new bills are introduced to the House first. Then it gets passed along to the Senate  if it’s passed through the House. This time things are a little different and it’s the other way around. This bill was started by Senators by people who are known as the Gang of 8.  8 people from the Senate. In this group has a mix of democrats and republicans who are all for this bill started by them. The bill passed 68 – 32.

I’m no expert on law and I don’t have much in studying for it yet but I’ll have to say that “Immigration Reform” is horrible for a lot of reasons. A few big ones are: 1) Their border security ideas are absolutely horrible 2) We’ll be paying for it 3) This will worsen our economy 4) We can’t be awarding illegal aliens citizenship especially after all the gun violence going on in America 5) This is even more complex than Obamacare.

As you can see President Obama is pretty desperate to get this law passed to him so he can sign it into law officially. I really hope the House vote “Nay”. Although, it wouldn’t surprise me that it would get passed anyway. Not only democrats are all for this bill, there are a lot of Republicans in the Senate who voted for “Immigration Reform”. So I feel that Republicans who voted for this are traitors of America.

See? The government is full of evil and shady people — that includes the House and the Senate. Especially Marco Rubio — that guy is such a lying scum bag. He should be happy that he got his law passed through the Senate ’cause I believe this whole thing was his idea. He had the other 7 people in the gang of eight help him with it.

If this bill is passed in the House, then the United States of America will be doomed for good. That’s all President Obama wants to do to us is to destroy this country. If you honestly believe he wants to help us, then you’re delusional.