Hey Upstate NY… how about hiring Americans for jobs and not illegals?

Awwwww poor babies. People in Upstate NY (in my area, where I live) are getting upset that the Trump administration are cracking down on illegal aliens everywhere in the United States. Even in small towns in my area: Upstate NY.

I just read this stupid blog and it’s pathetic. All of it. The Times Union is “FAKE NEWS” just like the MSM.


I’m so tired of this area trying to make illegal aliens look like they’re good people and I’m so tired of this area trying to make me feel sorry for illegals. Not happening. I could care less about illegals. They don’t deserve to live better lives then we do.

It’s hilarious how they claim that Trump cracking down on illegals is hurting the economy. LMAO… really? It’s actually a good thing that illegals are running and hiding ’cause that means more jobs for us US citizens. How about hiring Americans for these jobs, hey Upstate NY? I repeat, AMERICANS. Getting rid of illegals won’t have an affect on the economy in a negative way ’cause that’s actually helpful for the economy. All these claims that getting rid of illegals is gonna hurt the economy is pretty laughable. Have you forgotten that the dow jones have gone way up?

There are many Americans like myself who are still unemployed and struggling to find work. It’ll help the economy more if these businesses would start actually hiring real Americans.

Stop kissing ass to illegals so much. I’m so tired of that. I have no sympathy for businesses who hires illegals. There are illegals who work local jobs all over the place even in my hometown of Greenwich. They don’t deserve to live better than we do and it’s why I got on board to support Trump for the presidency.

If you’re scared of Trump cracking down on illegals, that’s good. There’s a new Sheriff in town so fucking deal with it, you crybabies.

I don’t care if illegals are violent people or not, they don’t belong here either way. It’s still a crime for them to live here and I’m glad the Trump admin. are actually taking action. Campaign promises kept. Now build the wall! DEPORT THEM ALL!





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