Finally, I found a positive review on Apple Music thanks to the New York Post…

Ever since the release of the new Apple Music streaming service, it of course sparked all kinds of controversy. Apple Music got mixed reviews, a love or hate kind of thing. Finally, I found a positive review toward Apple Music and this article defends the service a little bit too.

Take a read:

Like I said before, I have no problems with Apple Music at all as I’m pretty impressed with it so I’m probably gonna keep it after my three free months are up. I’ve been listening to a lot of music on there already. Like the article says, Apple doesn’t tell you when your monthly subscriptions are up but hopefully they stick to their word that their 3 free months will be 3 full months. I started my 3 free months in July so my free trial should go on through August and might end at the end of Sept, hopefully.

I’m definitely gonna keep the service for sure. Don’t listen to all the negative reviews out there. You should give Apple Music a try yourself. The playback is fine and the sound quality is fine. I wanna keep this service so I don’t have to keep buying music from the Itunes store as much anymore. I think that’s what they made it for to begin with.

The question you have to ask is since “streaming” music is a new trend and about ready to take over the industry, could this hurt record sales? If so, good ’cause I hate record labels to begin with. Online “streaming” of music could take record labels out of business and bands & artists can release music for these “streaming” services. The industry is changing. We have streaming services such as “Spotify”, “Pandora”, “Tidal” and now here comes “Apple Music”. Maybe I’ll have another blog post about this soon.


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