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Is Maynard James Keenan a big “Tool” himself? I’d say yes!!!

So I take it that Maynard James Keenan hates his own fanbase? It seems so. He seems to hate Tool fans anyway which seems to be the reason why Maynard has been staying away from Tool lately. The other guys in Tool want him back for a full reunion so they can release a new album and go on a full tour but it seems that Maynard doesn’t want to. Instead, Maynard agreed to do a one-off show with the band in which they will headline, Monster Mash Music Festival.



It seems to me that Maynard isn’t in it for the fame or popularity. That’s pretty obvious, I think. He seems to be into music for himself, pretty much. He just probably wants to make a living off of it, that’s all he pretty much cares about.

Sorry but this Maynard James Keenan seems like a real “Tool” himself. He seems like a big douche. He maybe a talented frontman and I’m a fan of Tool myself but it can’t be denied that the guy is an asshole. I can’t stand those musicians who’ll hate on their own fans. It’s not cool really. Unprofessional and dumb.

I think the other guys in Tool should just get rid of him and replace a new singer, that’s what a lot of iconic bands seems to be doing lately. If Tool wants to keep moving forward with their music and if Maynard is being all difficult and a huge pain in the ass, then they should boot him. Get someone else. I can see the band doing something like that for sure.

I do like Tool, though. Used to listen to them a lot when I was in high school.