Greta Van Fleet has the perfect response to haters who dislike their music…

Greta Van Fleet maybe a great band but they’re not for everyone. They unfortunately have some haters too. Here is the band’s response to people who don’t like them and their music and it’s perfect:

“When we’re in the studio, we’re not thinking about what the people will like,” says Kiszka. “We make music for ourselves, honestly. We sculpt the album to be the way we want it to be rather than thinking, ‘Well, this might be catchy’ or ‘This may be more effective to grab listeners.’ When we released the album, we thought, ‘Well, here goes nothing.’”

I  know the haters are probably gonna say, “That’s the most arrogant and egotistical thing for a band to say”.

No, not really. It’s actually a good attitude to have when you’re a musician or if you play in a band or whatever. There’s really nothing wrong with making music for yourself. There are too many musicians and bands out there worried about people not liking their music. My thoughts? Who cares whether or not people like your music, ya know? Just make music for  you and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that. There’s nothing wrong with listening to your own music and nothing wrong with enjoying your own music. That’s why you play music to begin with, right? You pick up an instrument or sing just for you. Remember that.

With my own music, I’m not worried about what other people think of my music. I’ve always made music the way I’ve wanted. I’ve made the guitar playing the way I wanted, I sung the songs the way I wanted and wrote the lyrics however I wanted.

Some of you may think, I don’t care about the “fans” who actually support my music but I do. Always did. I’m flattered and honored that some people actually like my original songs. If people like my original music, that’s great. If people don’t, that’s great too. If you’re proud of your music, that’s all that matters. I don’t write songs to please other people but I try.

Speaking of original music, I gotta get back into songwriting again and I will this year, I promise. I’m itching for new songs.



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