Greta Van Fleet, they still get so much hate but I don’t know why, they rock!

I was late getting into Greta Van Fleet’s music but I’m glad that I got into them. I was into them before “Anthem of the Peaceful Army” though. Someone in Facebook recommended me that I should really check them out ’cause they’re like Led Zeppelin 2.0. When I decided to check out Greta Van Fleet for myself in youtube, I was like, “Holy Fuck”. They do sound like Led Zeppelin. All the members in Greta Van Fleet plays like the guys in Led Zeppelin. It’s crazy, they blew my mind and I’ve been supporting that band ever since.

Yeah, they got Led Zep influences going on in there for sure but I also hear a lot of 60’s and 70’s classic rock vibe like the Who, Hendrix, Lynyrd Skynyrd and such bands as though. I also hear a lot of blues influence in the band as well. I read interviews with the band online and in magazines and they’re more inspired by the blues than rock, though.

For a long time now, the band got slammed by fans and music critics for sounding too much like Led Zeppelin but that’s one of the reasons why I respect them so much. There are too many bands that sound like Led Zep out there but none of the others were able to nail Led Zep’s sound and style but Greta Van Fleet somehow did it.

The band got so tired of the Led Zep comparisons. They were flattered at first but as years went along they grew tired of it so they made an album that sounds totally different. They released a new album titled, “Battle of the Garden’s Gate” which I got this week. I haven’t heard it yet but going to. Even though I heard that album is different, I’m sure there is still Led Zep influence even though they tried to sound different than them. I’m a huge fan of this band and love what they’re doing. Their musicianship and playing is very impressive. Josh is a helluva singer, that young man can sing and that’s one thing the haters won’t admit.

People complain about dance and rap taking over the industry but here comes Greta Van Fleet, letting you know that rock isn’t quite dead yet…, though people are still hating on them.

I think they’re one of the great bands left nowadays and I respect them so much. Thankfully they stay out of politics and focus on the music. They are probably left-wingers but it don’t matter, I just love ’em for the music and that ‘s it. I think they’re talented dudes. Don’t care what anyone says.



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