Led Zeppelin dropped a few live performances performing a song in its entirety… they are what made the band so special…

If you head on over to Led Zeppelin’s official facebook page, today they dropped a few Led Zeppelin live performances performing different songs in their entirety… not just small clips.


They dropped “Bring It On Home”, “Dazed and Confused”, “I Can’t Quit You Baby” and “Since I’ve been Loving You”.

If you want to know why I’m such an obsessive Led Zeppelin fan then that’s why. It was about their live performances. I love listening to Led Zep’s studio albums, sure but it’s their live stuff is what I love the most about the band.

I don’t understand why some don’t like Led Zeppelin and yes, they do have their share of haters believe it or not. They are either insane or deaf or a little bit of both but I always found the band amazing.

Why is Led Zep releasing older live performances? Are they releasing a new live album, maybe? Doesn’t look like it, I think it’s because they’re just celebrating the band’s history probably to help bring more hype to their upcoming “Becoming Led Zeppelin” documentary they got coming out. That’s probably what it is, I bet.


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