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Led Zeppelin official film Documentary coming out soon…

Led Zeppelin just announced that the band is releasing their very first ever film documentary. Yes, that’s right. The band never made one before. A lot of big and legendary bands made plenty of film documentaries but Led Zeppelin never did one until now. Sure… Led Zep released one concert movie, “The Song Remains The Same” which took place at Madison Square Garden and the film included scenes in which the 4 members took turns acting in. The band also released a few live DVDs but never had extra documentary like footage. Now the band is finally doing their very own rock doc.

The film is titled “Becoming Led Zeppelin” and judging by the title, you can betcha it’s gonna be about the formation of Led Zeppelin and the early days of the band. The documentary will feature interviews with surviving members: Jimmy Page, Plant and Jones… since John Bonham passed on in 1980, I’m sure the doc might have an interview with Jason Bonham so he can talk about his father’s life in Zeppelin. I’m also sure there will be plenty of John Bonham footage in the film for sure. The film will probably feature some old John Bonham interviews, probably and old interviews with Led Zep manager, Peter Grant.

The doc will be about the formation of Led Zeppelin so I’m sure the doc will feature all the bands the guys were in before Led Zep… so you can expect a lot of Yardbirds stuff in it. Robert Plant and John Paul Jones were in bands before Led Zep too so the film will talk about that. I think the film will lead to the formation and to the recording of Led Zeppelin’s first album.


As a die hard Led Zeppelin superfan that I am, I’m definitely looking forward to this. I’m probably gonna get the BluRay when it’s out.

Why is Led Zep coming out with all these projects like the photo books, the remaster albums and this film, etc.??? Some may call it a cash grab but I don’t think so… it’s about keeping Led Zeppelin’s legacy alive and that’s Jimmy’s mission. It’s important to keep the band known even if they’re no longer around. They deserve to keep their name alive.


RANT: In defense to Led Zeppelin members touring without Robert Plant…

Dear So Called Led Zeppelin fanatics:

I have been reading a lot of fan comments on other blogs and message boards slamming and bashing the left over members of Led Zeppelin: Jimmy Page, John Paul Jones and Jason Bonham for agreeing to tour and make a new album without Robert Plant.  For example fans been calling Robert Plant a selfish asshole for not rejoining them, fans been calling the other guys Page, Jones, Bonham pricks for going on without Robert. Here is my response to all that bullshit. I will take the time to defend this.

So the guys in Led Zeppelin tried to talk Robert Plant into joining them for a full tour and a hopeful new album after the successful O2 reunion from last year, but Robert Plant wasn’t down. He was committed to his “Raising Sand” project with Allison Krauss.

To be honest, I think Robert Plant joining Led Zeppelin for a full fledge world tour would be a horrible idea. And here’s why. Simply put, Robert Plant is old. The man is 60. Robert himself even admitted that he is too old for this loud rock n’ roll thing. If Robert did agree to tour with Led Zep full time, think how Robert Plant could lose his voice. He can not sing as powerful and can’t get to those high pitch screams anymore like he did back in the old days.

At the O2 show from last year, why do you think Led Zeppelin dropped keys to a few songs ’cause Robert couldn’t sing so high? I personally think Robert singing loud rock n’ roll night after night, would be too overwhelming for him. Can you see why he doesn’t agree for a full world tour? You must use common sense and get a reality check.

This is why Robert moved on with the Allison Krauss bluegrass/country project ’cause Robert found he could be good at that. Country/bluegrass is much easier for Robert to sing because it’s not loud and angry like rock n’ roll is. At the O2 last year, Robert sang great, don’t get me wrong, but you’ll have to admit that Robert had trouble singing some notes in certain Zeppelin songs. Robert Plant just doesn’t have it anymore. It’s just as simple as that, folks.

Sure, I was a little dissapointed that Robert didn’t agree to tour with Led Zep, but so what, it’s life. You can’t always get what you want in life. Robert himself even approved of those guys going on without him, he wants them to go on without him.

As far as Jimmy, Jonesy, and Jason goes, hey, what can I say. They are musicians, and bands like most of us musicians around here. All bands want to do different things in music. Bands do what they want to do, not caring what anybody else thinks. I’ve said it once before in an earlier blog post about Guns N’ Roses, that band members changes over the years even with national bands and local bands. All bands get different musicians and different singers over the years. You have to understand that, it’s the way music is.

I’m all for Jimmy, Jonesy, and Jason going on without Robert. I want it to happen. Like I said before, I just want Jimmy Page out there playing guitar with various musicians ’cause that’s what he does, he is a musician. I said before, that Pagey just wants to play with no matter who he is playing with. He just wants to jam on his guitar with other musicians just like we all do. Not every little thing Pagey does in music will involve Robert Plant, GET OVER IT!!! Pagey had many projects outside of Led Zeppelin over the years everything from Coverdale/Page, The Black Crowes “Live at the Greek”, The Honeydrippers, etc. The list can go on.

I’m actually interested in what Jimmy, Jonesy and Jason can do without Robert Plant. You can’t badily judge them this early when they haven’t even put out any new music for us to hear and say what they are going to do is horrible. When they announce the new singer and start releasing new music for us to hear, then you can judge if them going on without Robert Plant is a bad idea. If they pick the right singer and write the great music that blows us all away, then you may think no Robert Plant is a good thing.

I’m all for anything Jimmy Page does ’cause he is a guitar hero that I idolize. I don’t care if he plays music without Robert Plant or not, I just want to hear his great guitar playing. I’m glad he’s planning something new outside of Led Zeppelin. Jimmy Page hasn’t done anything new outside of Led Zeppelin since the Black Crowes “Live at the Greek” which that happened back in the year 2000.

I hope I’m not the only one out there who is looking forward to the new Led Zeppelin project and hope I’m not the only one that sees this in a positive direction. Either way, I don’t care. The new Led Zeppelin project that Jimmy, Jonesy, and Jason is going to be great, I’m sure of it.


Report: John Paul Jones says the new Zeppelin band is not looking for a singer who sings like Robert Plant…

There are lots of singers out there who tries to sing like Robert Plant like all them Led Zeppelin tribute bands out there as a perfect example. Well, Jonesy revealed more details on the new Led Zeppelin project that the band isn’t looking for a singer who sings like Plant. They are looking for something completely different and new this time around. Jonesy says they are trying out a couple of singers but didn’t reveal who they are. Jonesy also explains that there will be a new studio record with this new band and a tour to follow after.

More on it here:


The question I wonder is, I wonder if this band will continue under the Led Zepppelin name or go under a different band name? Of course, they will change the band name, they can’t be Led Zeppelin without Robert Plant, so they have to change the band name.

This project is sounding very interesting to me.

I’m itching to hear what Jimmy Page has up his sleeve for his guitar playing for this new project, I hope it’s loud and rockin’.

Think the singer could be Leona Lewis? It could be possible and wouldn’t surprise me at all if Jimmy picked her.


Report: John Paul Jones confirms that he, Pagey, and Jason plans to tour without Robert Plant!

Led Zeppelin bassist/keyboardist, John Paul Jones, attended the Mansons Guitar Show in the UK for a “Q&A” session in front of an audience. At the Q&A, Jonesy confirms the rumours that the leftover members of Led Zeppelin touring without Robert Plant is true. Jonesy says they are indeed auditioning for singers and they haven’t yet made their decision of who the singer will be to take Plant’s place. Jonesy says the band will let the public know on who they decide who the singer will be.

Blabbermouth reports:


For the people who still want Robert Plant to sing with them? Get over it! Move on! Led Zeppelin reuniting for a one off at the O2 last year was all they needed to go out on a positive note.

I don’t care what Jimmy Page does, I just want him out there playing music and playing his guitar, so I don’t care what project or band Pagey does ’cause I just want him out there working. Pagey’s always been known to do various different projects over the years besides Led Zep. Pagey, Jonesy, and Jason going on without Plant will be interesting in my opinion. I’m all for it.

I just hope they choose the right singer, but other than that, I don’t care who the singer is, I just want to hear Pagey’s guitar playing.