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BREAKING NEWS: Jimmy Page to perform with Leona Lewis at the Beijing Olympics closing ceremony…

The Beijing Olympics officials announced that Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page will collaborate with pop star Leona Lewis to close out the Olympic ceremony this year.

It is not known what Jimmy and Leona will be performing together whether it will be a Led Zeppelin cover or one of Leona’s songs. It could even be “America the Beautiful” or “The Star Spangled Banner”.

The summer Beijing Olympics 2008 will end August 24th and we will find out then what song they will be playing.

More on it here:


I don’t know if I’ll watch this or not, I’ll be in San Diego around that time on Aug. 24th. I will try to watch it at my brother’s apartment in San Diego if I’m not out doing fun stuff, if I don’t watch this closing ceremony at all, I’m sure the Jimmy Page and Leona Lewis performance will be all over youtube anyways.

Looking forward to seeing this.


Report: Jimmy Page interview at Rollingstone.com…

Rollingstone.com has a nice interview with Jimmy Page. My hero and inspiration in guitar playing who made me want to play music to begin with. As usual, Rollingstone asks musicians stupid questions to the musicians. While Rollingstone is a music magazine it is not aimed at musicians (like Guitar World, Guitar Player, etc.) Rollingstone is a music magazine aimed to the non-musicians, the regular music listeners.

Page give out the secrets where the energy and the tight playing in Led Zeppelin, he also explains how he inspired to bow an electric guitar.

Rollingstone.com reports:


That’s where all the tight and energetic playing comes from in my music, it’s because I listen to too much Led Zeppelin. While I listen to a lot of music out there, Led Zeppelin is everything to me.