Jimmy Page planning possible instrumental album next year…

Now that Jimmy Page has finally finished all of them Led Zeppelin remasters, he’s ready to get back into music again. There will never be another Led Zeppelin reunion but that’s still not stopping Jimmy from going solo again.

Jimmy reveals what his plans will be for his next solo album. He’s planning his next solo album to be all instrumental and he’s planning to have all kinds of music on it meaning everything from rock n’ roll, blues, acoustic, etc. After he’s finished with the album… things could change, though. If he feels that his instrumentals will need vocals then he’ll probably hire a vocalist or more than one vocalist if he’s planning to do another one of those albums where they have many special guest singers like he did with “Outrider”.


If he did suddenly decide to have singers on his album, who would he work with? My top 5 choices:

  1. Robert Plant (even if they will never reunite for Led Zeppelin ever again, there’s still no stopping Jimmy & Robert working together again. Could they do a follow up album to “Walking Into Clarksdale”? Would be cool. Would love to see the Robert & Jimmy duo to make a comeback.)
  2. Chris Cornell (This would be an awesome team up.)
  3. David Coverdale (Wouldn’t it be cool if Page & Coverdale buried the hatchet and finally make a second Coverdale/Page album? I doubt this would ever happen but it would be badass.)
  4. Dave Grohl (This could be a definite possibility. Page and Grohl has been long time friends so I can see them working together on something. If Dave doesn’t end up being the singer on Jimmy’s album, I could see him drumming for it as well.)
  5. Josh Homme (The singer for QOTSA/Them Crooked Vultures would be a pretty cool team up. )

Anyway, I would prefer Jimmy to keep his new album instrumental ’cause I’ve always wanted him to do an instrumental album. A Jimmy Page instrumental guitar album would be badass but whatever he decides to do, I’m sure would be badass!

I’m a huge Jimmy Page fan. I followed everything he did throughout the years, even all of his post Led Zeppelin projects.


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