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Finished listening to those Led Zeppelin deluxe albums… they were awesome too!

Well this week I listened to all 9 Led Zeppelin deluxe albums that Jimmy Page just put out. It was great to re-listen to all the Led Zep studio albums and it was even better to listen to all the unreleased material that Jimmy included on the deluxe albums.

The albums sounded great too! Much improved in sound quality… why do you think they’re called “remasters”? They’re called “remasters” so they can master them all over again for a better sound, ya know? Make ’em more listenable like I said before.

Anyway, while I do love all Led Zeppelin albums, there is one Led Zep album that I admittedly don’t really like. That album is of course, “In Through The Outdoor”. While I do have most Led Zep albums on CD, the only one I don’t have is “In Through The Outdoor” ’cause it wasn’t a good Led Zep album. Why wasn’t that album good? Well, basically it’s because that John Paul Jones did most of the writing of that record. The band decided to give Jonesy most of the songwriting contribution to that record to see what direction they would take with the music. It turns out that Jonesy writes songs differently than the other guys for sure. “In Through The Outdoor” wasn’t a great record ’cause it didn’t feel like a Led Zeppelin album. The album was too mellow and I expect to hear a hard rockin’ Led Zep, ya know what I mean?

Back to the deluxe editions, these were pretty cool to listen to. I really enjoyed hearing the unreleased material. You get to hear different versions of the well-known songs and there are plenty of unreleased songs too.

A lot of important history with these albums as you listen to them. My favorite part of these Deluxe albums is that there are some songs that while the songs are playing you can hear the song getting “mixed” while it’s being played so Jimmy must be at the mixing board fooling around with the controls.

There are all kinds of cool stuff on these albums so I would suggest you to listen to these yourself if you’re a Led Zeppelin fan. Now that I finally listened to all these Deluxe albums, I think I’m gonna buy them all for sure. Not through the Itunes store, I’m thinking of buying the physical CD’s ’cause I want the album cover and all. The physical CD’s of the Led Zep deluxe editions are kind of pricey like $16.99 but I’ll get ’em anyway.

I really thought Jimmy Page did a phenomenal job on them. Below are a few tracks from the unreleased material. Just to give you a little preview of them. Enjoy.


Yes! All the Led Zeppelin Deluxe edition remasters are now available in Apple Music!

Well Jimmy Page just finally released all 10 Led Zeppelin album remasters and they are all available to listen to on Apple Music. So that means I get to listen to all the Led Zeppelin Deluxe remasters for free while my free trial is still going. Jimmy Page just released the final three remasters: “Presence”, “In Through The Outdoor” and “Coda”. Congrats to Jimmy.

I’m planning on giving these Led Zeppelin Deluxe remasters a listen this week right away. Looking forward to hearing them. I’ll probably give the Deluxe version of the first Led Zeppelin album a listen tonight. I was gonna buy these albums through either Itunes or physical CD but the Deluxe versions are overpriced. Now I can listen to them for free on Apple Music which is cool.

I’m sure Jimmy Page feels proud of himself for finally finishing these Deluxes and remasters. Really, he has worked so hard on them. He said he spent many hours in the studio working on them. He did it all himself.

I’m sure these Deluxe releases are available to stream on Spotify too. Thanks to Jimmy for allowing us to stream them online. Rock on! \m/


Jimmy Page to host an autograph signing in Toronto, Canada for memoir photo book…

Jimmy Page will host a rare autograph signing for his memoir photo book simply titled, “Jimmy Page” at an Indigo book store in Toronto. The man himself will be making a rare personal appearance to sign his book. The autograph signing will take place on July 21st.

More here…


Only thing, the autograph will not be an actual autograph. It’s gonna be a “stamped” autograph. Jimmy will not be signing his name with a pen or a marker. He won’t be stamping other books or memorabilia… he will only be stamping his book. I’m sure fans would want their Led Zeppelin CD’s and posters signed by Jimmy Page but that’s not gonna be allowed. It’s a signing for his book only.


I don’t think he’s gonna allow photos with the fans but he does allow candid photos meaning fans can take photos of him if they please.

What’s with all the strict rules? I know Jimmy Page is not a big fan of autographs ’cause he rarely did them in his career. He probably doesn’t like signing autographs too much which is why he preferred to have them “stamped” instead of writing them by hand.

Anyway, I’m sure going through all this is worth it just to meet the master of guitar in person. Just to walk up to him say, “Hello” and shake his hand would be a dream come true. Toronto would be a 6 hour drive from here and it would be worth it. I probably would be speechless if I met him, probably would have fainted. Kneel down and do the “I’m not worthy” chant kind of like in that movie, “Wayne’s World”.

I saw a copy of the Jimmy Page photo book at Barnes & Noble last week and it’s $60. I’m gonna buy it sometime for sure. I’m the biggest Jimmy Page fan. He’s my no. 1.


Ya know what? I think I’m actually gonna buy the Led Zeppelin re-issues after all…

I wasn’t gonna buy the Led Zeppelin re-issues, all the Deluxe versions of the Led Zep albums but I think I’m gonna. Led Zep will release their final 3 albums of their reissues pretty soon. They will re-release “Presence”, “In Through The Outdoor” and “CODA”. I don’t have any of the Led Zep deluxe issues but I think I will start collecting them all this summer.

A lot of people are accusing Jimmy Page of re-releasing these re-issues as a cash grab but not really. I think the goal is that he just wants a new and improved sound. Not only that, he also wants unreleased material as a way to show fans how some of the songs started off when they recorded them like all the outtakes and stuff. I listened to the re-issues and I do notice a huge improvement in the sound than the original albums. The sound in the music is bigger and sounds different than the original physical CD’s.

More reasons for the re-issues is that Jimmy just wants to keep the Led Zeppelin legacy alive and he wants to celebrate the music with the fans. It’s not just about the money at all, the way I see it. I’m a die-hard Led Zep fan and I really should get these. Trying to decide whether I should get them on physical CD or get ’em from Itunes? I should probably just grab ’em from Itunes ’cause physical CD would be more expensive.


Jimmy Page gives the band, Royal Blood, a shout-out in this interview…

When you’re in a new band and you grab Jimmy Page’s attention — you know that band is going to be something very special. Jimmy Page gives the two man band, Royal Blood, a shout-out in this interview and Jimmy said he even went and saw them live ’cause he simply enjoyed them. It must be an amazing feeling for the two guys in Royal Blood when they find out that Jimmy Page appreciates their music!!!


Royal Blood is a kick ass band, you should youtube ’em. I’m still planning on getting their album, hopefully next week.


Jimmy Page talks about how he wrote, “Stairway” w/ Led Zeppelin…

Check out this nice video of Jimmy Page himself talking about how he wrote the Led Zep anthem, “Stairway” with the band. Jimmy is sitting in a chair while he plays the song on vinyl and he talks about how the band wrote it together. Jimmy wasn’t the only writer for the song, “Stairway”. Each member had their own contributions to the song.

You can tell that Jimmy is very proud of the song as he sits there and listens to it.

See the video here:



Jimmy Page warns fans that his new solo album will be nothing like Led Zeppelin…

Jimmy Page is planning to release a new solo album soon; however, he warns fans that his next album is not gonna be Led Zep-like. Probably meaning that the album will not be hard rock. He’s probably saying that there won’t be any Led Zep-like riffs and ripping solos. Jimmy hasn’t released that much solo material over the years. The only solo album he did was “Outrider” back in 1988. After Led Zep, he mostly did other side projects with Robert Plant and other bands/artists over the years.

I’m all for anything Jimmy Page. Whatever he’ll come up with musically, I’m sure it’ll be amazing stuff even if it won’t be that heavy Led Zep-like kind of music. Jimmy sound like he’s getting bored with that and wants try something different. I’m looking forward to JImmy’s new solo album no matter what kind of music he puts on it.

I’m sure fans won’t leave him alone on the Led Zep reunion but he’s a musician and songwriter himself. He’s gotta move on to other things. He wants to make his own music and go forward.


Jimmy Page previews his photographic memoir book…

Most rock stars write their memoirs by text. Jimmy Page is doing his a little differently by telling his life and music career by photos which is creative and something different! Jimmy Page is a pretty artistic guy so it should be no surprise that he would come up with something like this.

This book looks pretty cool and I’m 100% positive that all Zeppelin fanatics like myself are dying to own this. This book will only be available in the UK for now but hopefully it’ll soon be sold in the US. I’d love to get my hands on that book myself. Jimmy’s one of my guitar heroes. I give him so much credit for making me want to pick up the guitar. I play because of him.



Jimmy Page planning a solo tour and will play material spanning his entire career…

People will never leave Jimmy and Robert alone on the Zeppelin reunion. *sigh* Move on and get over it, people! I would like a Led Zep reunion to happen myself but I understand bands want to move on. I support their decision of wanting to move on. They already gave us that reunion back in 2007 but nope, fans won’t leave the band alone. Crazy, ain’t it? I’m a die-hard Zeppelin fanatic and would support anything they do.

I’m happy for Jimmy, Robert and Jonesy wanting to move on to do their own projects. Robert just released a new solo album and Jimmy Page is getting ready to play music again. However, he’s gonna start a new band. So he’s probably gonna go on a solo tour and release a new album.

When Jimmy forms his new band, it doesn’t look like he’ll be collaborating with big-name musicians. Jimmy hints that he will be finding musicians that you never heard of before so that means he’ll be looking for unknowns, from the article above, Jimmy says: “If I was to play again, it would be with musicians that would be… some of the names might be new to you. I haven’t put them together yet, but I’m going to do that next year. If I went out to play, I would play material that spanned everything from my recording career right back to my very, very early days with THE YARDBIRDS. There would certainly be some new material in there as well.”

As you just read, Jimmy will be playing songs spanning his entire career everything from Led Zep, The Yardbirds, Coverdale/Page, his solo career (yes, he released a solo album called, “Outrider”) and other projects. He said he will throw some new material as well so that means he probably plans on releasing a new album.

It’ll be pretty cool if Jimmy can get a singer who can sing like a young Robert Plant. Someone with real singing pipes who can get to those high pitch screams like Robert did back in the day.

I’m looking forward to Jimmy getting back out there next year. He really is one of my guitar heroes. He’s the reason I picked up the guitar in the first place.