Jimmy Page planning a solo tour and will play material spanning his entire career…

People will never leave Jimmy and Robert alone on the Zeppelin reunion. *sigh* Move on and get over it, people! I would like a Led Zep reunion to happen myself but I understand bands want to move on. I support their decision of wanting to move on. They already gave us that reunion back in 2007 but nope, fans won’t leave the band alone. Crazy, ain’t it? I’m a die-hard Zeppelin fanatic and would support anything they do.

I’m happy for Jimmy, Robert and Jonesy wanting to move on to do their own projects. Robert just released a new solo album and Jimmy Page is getting ready to play music again. However, he’s gonna start a new band. So he’s probably gonna go on a solo tour and release a new album.

When Jimmy forms his new band, it doesn’t look like he’ll be collaborating with big-name musicians. Jimmy hints that he will be finding musicians that you never heard of before so that means he’ll be looking for unknowns, from the article above, Jimmy says: “If I was to play again, it would be with musicians that would be… some of the names might be new to you. I haven’t put them together yet, but I’m going to do that next year. If I went out to play, I would play material that spanned everything from my recording career right back to my very, very early days with THE YARDBIRDS. There would certainly be some new material in there as well.”

As you just read, Jimmy will be playing songs spanning his entire career everything from Led Zep, The Yardbirds, Coverdale/Page, his solo career (yes, he released a solo album called, “Outrider”) and other projects. He said he will throw some new material as well so that means he probably plans on releasing a new album.

It’ll be pretty cool if Jimmy can get a singer who can sing like a young Robert Plant. Someone with real singing pipes who can get to those high pitch screams like Robert did back in the day.

I’m looking forward to Jimmy getting back out there next year. He really is one of my guitar heroes. He’s the reason I picked up the guitar in the first place.


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