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Finished listening to those Led Zeppelin deluxe albums… they were awesome too!

Well this week I listened to all 9 Led Zeppelin deluxe albums that Jimmy Page just put out. It was great to re-listen to all the Led Zep studio albums and it was even better to listen to all the unreleased material that Jimmy included on the deluxe albums.

The albums sounded great too! Much improved in sound quality… why do you think they’re called “remasters”? They’re called “remasters” so they can master them all over again for a better sound, ya know? Make ’em more listenable like I said before.

Anyway, while I do love all Led Zeppelin albums, there is one Led Zep album that I admittedly don’t really like. That album is of course, “In Through The Outdoor”. While I do have most Led Zep albums on CD, the only one I don’t have is “In Through The Outdoor” ’cause it wasn’t a good Led Zep album. Why wasn’t that album good? Well, basically it’s because that John Paul Jones did most of the writing of that record. The band decided to give Jonesy most of the songwriting contribution to that record to see what direction they would take with the music. It turns out that Jonesy writes songs differently than the other guys for sure. “In Through The Outdoor” wasn’t a great record ’cause it didn’t feel like a Led Zeppelin album. The album was too mellow and I expect to hear a hard rockin’ Led Zep, ya know what I mean?

Back to the deluxe editions, these were pretty cool to listen to. I really enjoyed hearing the unreleased material. You get to hear different versions of the well-known songs and there are plenty of unreleased songs too.

A lot of important history with these albums as you listen to them. My favorite part of these Deluxe albums is that there are some songs that while the songs are playing you can hear the song getting “mixed” while it’s being played so Jimmy must be at the mixing board fooling around with the controls.

There are all kinds of cool stuff on these albums so I would suggest you to listen to these yourself if you’re a Led Zeppelin fan. Now that I finally listened to all these Deluxe albums, I think I’m gonna buy them all for sure. Not through the Itunes store, I’m thinking of buying the physical CD’s ’cause I want the album cover and all. The physical CD’s of the Led Zep deluxe editions are kind of pricey like $16.99 but I’ll get ’em anyway.

I really thought Jimmy Page did a phenomenal job on them. Below are a few tracks from the unreleased material. Just to give you a little preview of them. Enjoy.


Jimmy Page debuts Led Zep remasters at live event in Paris today…


Man, I would have loved to travel to Paris just to see this event. That would be amazing!!! I tried to listen to the live stream on my Ipad but the live-stream sucks up here. I did hear a little bit of the new remasters from Led Zep II and III. What I heard was extremely impressive! They definitely sounded different than the original Led Zep albums.

Not a lot of fans know this but Jimmy Page is a master in the studio. This is one of the things that he is so underrated at. He gets a lot of recognition for his guitar playing, of course but it’s his recording and producing that is overlooked the most. If you read Jimmy’s interviews in the past, the man took the studio very seriously. He knows exactly what sounds he wants out of Led Zeppelin music. He certainly didn’t fuck around for sure!!!

Without Jimmy Page’s masterful producing and recording skills, Led Zeppelin wouldn’t have become legends that they are now. Their records would have been shit if somebody else recorded them.

I think I’m definitely gonna get the remasters. People accused them of a “cash grab” with these remasters but after thinking about it a while… I disagree.

This is just Jimmy’s way of keeping Led Zep’s legacy alive. There’s a ton of new generation of music fans who probably never heard of Led Zeppelin and I think that’s the point of the remasters to help attract newer people to their music. Plus, the longtime fans of Led Zep can celebrate the music again with these new remasters. I’m definitely looking forward to them!

I’m sure the Paris live event will be all over youtube soon so I’ll get to watch it then.