Jimmy Page warns fans that his new solo album will be nothing like Led Zeppelin…

Jimmy Page is planning to release a new solo album soon; however, he warns fans that his next album is not gonna be Led Zep-like. Probably meaning that the album will not be hard rock. He’s probably saying that there won’t be any Led Zep-like riffs and ripping solos. Jimmy hasn’t released that much solo material over the years. The only solo album he did was “Outrider” back in 1988. After Led Zep, he mostly did other side projects with Robert Plant and other bands/artists over the years.

I’m all for anything Jimmy Page. Whatever he’ll come up with musically, I’m sure it’ll be amazing stuff even if it won’t be that heavy Led Zep-like kind of music. Jimmy sound like he’s getting bored with that and wants try something different. I’m looking forward to JImmy’s new solo album no matter what kind of music he puts on it.

I’m sure fans won’t leave him alone on the Led Zep reunion but he’s a musician and songwriter himself. He’s gotta move on to other things. He wants to make his own music and go forward.


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