Jimmy Page’s photographic memoir book review…

I’ve read many Jimmy Page books and many Led Zeppelin books that weren’t written by any of the band members. Finally, we get an official Led Zeppelin biography that is actually by a member from the band! Since there are too many Jimmy Page biography books out there, they all just tell the same story so most of us already know about Jimmy’s life and career. Finally, we get a story from Jimmy Page the man himself. However, instead of telling his story by text… he wanted to do something a little different by telling his story by photographs which is an interesting idea.

This is a pretty amazing book and I’m happy he did this. It only took me two days to finish looking through it. The photos are amazing too. Lot of rare ones and a lot of photos I’ve already seen before.

Just to be aware of something, this is strictly about music. You will not learn about Jimmy’s personal life. It’s all about his contribution to music over the years and it covers everything. It covers all of his music projects from when he was a young kid all the way up to the Led Zeppelin reunion O2 show.

It’s a pretty cool book and a must-see to any Led Zep fan. A lot of you know I’m a die-hard Zeppelin fanatic. I may love a lot of music out there but Led Zep will always be my no. 1.



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