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Report: Howard Stern is confirmed as new judge for “American’s Got Talent”!!!

Another big news announcement today is that Howard Stern is officially the new judge for, “America’s Got Talent”. Pierce Morgan has left the show to concentrate on his own show for CNN, and Howard Stern is taking his place. Howard gets $15 million a year for judging on “America’s Got Talent” and the show will be moved to NYC, so Howard can be near his new work place.

Deadline, reports.

Well, this is certainly going to be great publicity for his Sirius radioshow as I can see “America’s Got Talent” promoting the hell out of it. We all know how controversial, sexist, and inflammatory Howard can get on his Sirius show, but hopefully he’ll be a 100% professional. He might say something sexist and perverted by accident toward the female performers though, especially the HOT ones. I hope NBC can handle, Howard Stern.

I love listening to Howard, I’m a fan, but do you think he’s right for a family friendly entertainment show? We’ll have to see how he does. I’m sure he will be professional for NBC. He’ll be an entertaining judge though.

This means that Howard will have performers and judges as guests for his Sirius show. Who’s going to be the first judge to do an interview with Howard on Sirius: Howie or Sharon?


Edit to add: Somebody in facebook said that Sharon and Howie was already on Howard Stern – Sirius, a while ago, I don’t listen to Howard since I don’t subscribe to Sirius.

Howard Stern on Piers Morgan tonight…

Yes, I watched it. It was a great show too. Howard is entertaining like he usually is. Basically, Howard just went on his show to explain himself. To get people to understand him better. Howard did a great job too. If you ever wondered why Howard is obsessed with sex so much, he was honest and open about that. He explained how he is fascinated by sex and how people get into it. He doesn’t have sex with other women though since he is married and he is faithful to his wife. Howard sure is not afraid of asking personal and sexual questions to people. If people refuse to answer sexual questions by Howard, the guy will talk you into it. For those who listen to him on Sirius, Howard will reveal your sexual life to the public. Piers asked him about all that stuff too. It was interesting.

Sex stuff aside, I loved it when Howard bashed Larry King and Jay Leno. He talked a lot about Robin Quivers, his side kick. He talked about his parents, career. He even talked about music and admitted he is a big fan of Miley Cyrus.

I don’t like Piers Morgan but I just watched this show for Howard. I’m sure it did well in the ratings too, ’cause Howard has a lot of fans and he is very popular.


Thought: People need to stop telling Gabby Sidibe to lose weight, I think she’s attractive the way she is…

Some may wonder what my thoughts are on people telling “Precious” star, Gabby Sidibe, to lose weight. I’ll give a quick and simple answer to that, I think it’s disrespectful to obesed people. They can’t help for what they are. They are human beings like us and they should be treated like human beings. I think it’s immature to call people fat. You are like a little bully in kindergarten picking on fat kids. Thanks to Howard Stern who started this nasty trend on Gabby.

I think Gabby looks beautiful the way she is, and yes, I could date a woman like her for sure. Like they all say, “Big women need the loving too, right?” BBW doesn’t hurt, eh? Don’t you like some meat on her bones?

If John Candy can become a huge star, then why can’t Gabby? I think Gabby will become a successful movie star, no matter her size. I haven’t seen “Precious” yet but I plan on watching it through my DVR Movies On Demand thing.

In my opinion, if Gabby loses the weight, then people would forget her. Her being huge is what made her famous.


Report: Simon Cowell picks his replacement and who is it? No one other than Perez Hilton…

Perez Hilton spoke out that he is dying to be Simon Cowell’s replacement on “American Idol”. Well guess what, folks? Simon Cowell likes it and actually agrees with it. Simon says, no one on Idol has reached out to Howard Stern yet. Simon thinks Howard doesn’t have the musical experience enough to be a judge, anyways.

As long as Simon wants Perez, A.I. will probably end up getting him. As much I don’t like Perez Hilton, he would be an entertaining judge since he is the king of controversy of all media. I’d say go for him. The “A.I”. audiences would hate Perez worse than Simon and I can see the audience giving Perez very strong boos.

Simon also says he wants Lady Gaga to be the guest judge toward the end of the season before he goes out.



Report: Howard Stern, in talks to replace Simon Cowell on “Idol”???

Rumours hit the internets that Howard Stern is in talks to replace Simon Cowell on “Idol”. Source claims that “Idol” just started searching for a replacement, denying the rumours, but who knows.

If they are serious about Howard, they better be careful with him because Stern is one crazy guy. I don’t see Howard being mean and nasty to bad singers at all. He might make fun of them and crack jokes about them, but he definitely won’t be that mean knowing that Stern is actually a friendly guy…and he has a sense of humor with an NC-17 attitude. Can you see Stern saying a bunch of perverted and sexual things to female singers that are beautiful? Do you want him doing that? He’ll be like, “Oh you look so hot, look at those breasts”, like he says on his radioshow constantly. Do you want Stern asking singers, “How often they get laid”?

Sorry, but Stern is definitely the wrong pick. I’m sure Stern will be ordered by FOX to clean his act up for a family friendly show, but he won’t be able to help himself but crack out dirty jokes by accident. Everyone knows how Stern really is. I can see Stern being nice and friendly to all the beautiful female singers no matter how bad they sing. Plus, who wants to see Howard Stern and Ellen Degeneres making fun of each other all the time? I don’t. Stern belongs on his radioshow which is what he’s best at! He don’t need, “Idol”.



Report: Artie Lange is suicidal…

It is turning out that Howard Stern’s, radioshow sidekick, Artie Lange is a suicidal man. He stabbed himself 9 times.

I wish Artie well and hope he’ll get the help he needs. He’s a talented man and he is very funny. I always liked him.

Life maybe hard and difficult but suicide isn’t the answer. Get the help when you need it.



Report: Brian Johnson & Angus Young of Ac/Dc on the Howard Stern show…

The leading frontman Brian Johnson and guitarist Angus Young spoke with Howard Stern in a live interview on Sirius last Tuesday. They all talk about a variety of topics on why Brian Johnson would be a married man when he could have all the women he wanted, they discuss the new album “Black Ice”, they talk about Brian Johnson’s smoking addiction and how he drinks alcohol, Angus is the only member of the band that doesn’t do drugs, smoke or drink. Brian talked about living in Sarasota, Florida and how he’s into race cars as a hobby outside of music. Other than Howard’s typical sex talk, they talk a bunch of different things and joke around.

Brian Johnson does most of the talking. Angus is pretty much quiet throughout the interview.

To listen to the interview, go to Blabbermouth:



Report: Dolly Parton to sue Howard Stern?

Dolly Parton, the legendary country singer has hinted to Billboard that she could be suing Howard Stern, she’s offended and upset at Howard Stern’s audio when he editted one of her audio books changing it to racists and sexually graphic sound bites instead.

Billboard reports:


Watch out Howard! Don’t get yourself kicked off of Sirius, Dolly is mad and coming back with a vengeance!

I’m sure she loves Kenny Rogers dearly, Howard is trying to make her look bad.

Click and listen to the segment in the video below.


Report: Artie Lange to Howard Stern’s personal assistant “Kiss off asswipe”…

Artie Lange who is one of Howard Stern’s longtime co-hosts walked off a live broadcasting of Howard’s show due to a conflict with Stern’s personal assistant. The walk off had nothing to do with Stern, Lange has no grudge against Stern but he does have a grudge at the personal assistant or Stern’s secretary or whatever.

What happened was, Lange was seen arguing with the assistant off the air in the hallway. Stern asked the assistant to come into the studio to discuss the argument publicily on the air. Lange had a grudge against the assistant whose name is Teddy with the nickname of Teddy Microphone because of money payments. Lange lost his temper, walked out of the studio, then later came back in the studio to announce his resignation of the Howard Stern show.

More on it here:


For some reason I’m not buying the Artie Lange resignation, I think it was a work to help pull in more listeners?

You can’t believe everything you hear on the Howard Stern show. That guy will do anything for controversy.