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Report: Howard Stern is confirmed as new judge for “American’s Got Talent”!!!

Another big news announcement today is that Howard Stern is officially the new judge for, “America’s Got Talent”. Pierce Morgan has left the show to concentrate on his own show for CNN, and Howard Stern is taking his place. Howard gets $15 million a year for judging on “America’s Got Talent” and the show will be moved to NYC, so Howard can be near his new work place.

Deadline, reports.

Well, this is certainly going to be great publicity for his Sirius radioshow as I can see “America’s Got Talent” promoting the hell out of it. We all know how controversial, sexist, and inflammatory Howard can get on his Sirius show, but hopefully he’ll be a 100% professional. He might say something sexist and perverted by accident toward the female performers though, especially the HOT ones. I hope NBC can handle, Howard Stern.

I love listening to Howard, I’m a fan, but do you think he’s right for a family friendly entertainment show? We’ll have to see how he does. I’m sure he will be professional for NBC. He’ll be an entertaining judge though.

This means that Howard will have performers and judges as guests for his Sirius show. Who’s going to be the first judge to do an interview with Howard on Sirius: Howie or Sharon?


Edit to add: Somebody in facebook said that Sharon and Howie was already on Howard Stern – Sirius, a while ago, I don’t listen to Howard since I don’t subscribe to Sirius.