If Hogan staged the whole sex tape thing himself, that wouldn’t surprise me…

Ya know, it wouldn’t surprise me at all, if Hogan was the one who set up the idea to bang Bubba’s wife, and Hogan himself actually set the video camera up in that room. Why would Hulk do something like this if it’s true? Think about it, this is a big money making opportunity for Hulk. His previous wife, Linda, left him, and Hulk is probably going broke, so he sues Bubba for $100 million, hoping to get rich quick. I like how Howard Stern is trying to play peacemaker and end this whole drama. You can’t trust Hulk and looks like Howard can’t trust him either since it looks like he’s on Bubba’s side. I’m sure this won’t even land in court ’cause it would be hard to find out who the put the video camera in there. My money, is that Hulk is behind this whole thing himself, for sure.

More on the story, here.


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