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Hogan speaks on trial verdict, my response…

Hogan speaks on the trial verdict… his so-called “victory” over Gawker. As usual Hulk inserts himself into everything. That’s one thing that I can’t stand about Hulk Hogan when it comes to his interviews. Each time I hear a Hulk Hogan interview, he’s always “me, me, me,” all the time. He’s a self-centered egotistical jackass. Always has been. He’s also a pathological liar. I’m so tired of him talking about himself all the time.

Each time this piece of shit gets into trouble for something, he’s always playing innocent victim trying his best to get people to feel sorry for him and it’s working for him sadly. A lot of people do feel sorry for him when Hulk Hogan is a loser who isn’t to be trusted at all.


He continues to maintain that he didn’t know he was being filmed but I think that’s a huge lie. I think he knew he was being filmed all the way. If Gawker wants to defend themselves successfully then they should prove that Hulk knew he was being filmed. Gawker actually did try to prove that Hulk knew he was being filmed but the judge wouldn’t allow them to show the evidence. The court barred Gawker from showing the jury evidence for their defense. So the judge was very picky and choosy over certain evidence that Gawker was allowed to show. I agree with Mr. Denton totally that the trial was a big sham.


It seemed that the trial was designed to help Hulk Hogan look like a winner from the get-go. It was set out to make Gawker look like the bad guy and they were successful. Hulk Hogan’s victory was also a cover for his racism.

Hogan and his fans maybe celebrating the victory but just wait until Gawker unloads the evidence proving Hulk Hogan the piece of shit racist that he is. I also noticed that Hogan’s “N-word” stuff wasn’t brought up in the trial much. Hulk is a racist and according to Nick Denton’s write-up, they have the evidence to prove that.

Gawker still has a chance to destroy Hulk Hogan. Stop being so delusional, hulkamaniacs.

Wrestling fans really need to wake up and realize what a piece of garbage Hulk is. I always knew that Hulk Hogan is a piece of shit and still stand by it today.


Hogan’s fans are all excited that he won against Gawker but I warn you it’s NOT over yet, it’s only the beginning…

You look at twitter and facebook and you see all of Hogan’s fans & supporters celebrating Hulk’s victory against Gawker. They all believe Hogan won just because the jury sided with him. Like I said in a post before, I have a feeling that it’s not over yet ’cause Gawker is gonna file an appeal and they’re gonna fight back at the Hogan camp. They’re gonna fight back hard. Trust me on that folks. Gawker is probably not gonna pay a single cent to Hulk.

I hate Gawker like most people. They’re a disgusting celebrity gossip website and they’re pretty liberal with their politics as well but ya know, even though I hate Gawker… I’m a firm-believer of “freedom of speech” and journalists can write & post whatever they want to. I totally believe that Gawker had the right to post that sex tape video ’cause they’re journalists, that’s what they’re supposed to do.

Like I said, this fight isn’t over, peeps. I can’t wait to see the reaction of the Hulk supporters once Gawker files an appeal. I feel that Gawker is gonna send out a statement soon to respond to their loss. This is just the beginning of a nasty fight, folks. It ain’t over ’til it’s over.

Gawker is not going down as they have the right to defend themselves. Just a warning, folks.

Lawsuits are dumb anyway.


Jury predictably sides with Hulk Hogan but I’m feeling the battle won’t be over yet…

So because Hulk Hogan won the lawsuit doesn’t make him innocent. Still doesn’t prove anything. Gawker still has a right to defend themselves ’cause they can file an appeal anytime they please and they probably will. Hulk didn’t show enough evidence and didn’t prove anything but no surprise the jury sides with him anyway. See what power, fame and money will do? If you have all that, you can get away with everything.

This means that “Freedom of Speech” lost and our 1st Amendment is in danger. Our 1st Amendment rights has been in danger for years now. It seems we can’t tell the truth without people dictating everything these days. Quite sad.

I’m feeling that Gawker is gonna fight back and they will fight back pretty hard. This battle is gonna get nasty now.


Hulk Hogan sex tape trial: will the jury side with “invasion of privacy” or “freedom of speech” today?

Well the closing arguments of the Hogan sex tape trial begins today and then the jury will decide whether they will side with Hogan or side with Gawker. If they side with Hogan then that would mean that the jury sides with “invasion of privacy” and if they side with Gawker then “freedom of speech” wins. Lets hope they do the right thing and side with “Freedom of speech”. If they decide to side with Hogan then that would be so wrong ’cause that would mean our “freedom of speech” in journalism would be even more in danger.

It doesn’t make any sense at all to me that Hulk cries “invasion of privacy” but he’s open to his personal life in interviews and he did that Miley Cyrus parody video in a thong. I think that’s the only reason he’s gonna lose right there ’cause Hulk Hogan has no case. Hulk has nothing to prove. So I think there’s gonna be a pretty good chance that Hulk is gonna lose the trial. He’s definitely gonna lose that $100 million payday.

Hulk is nothing but a self-centered piece of shit and the trial showed that. Hope the judge does the right thing and gives Hulk the middle finger today. I’ll be on the lookout for the news.

That’s the thing with Hulk Hogan, ya know? When people tell the truth about him, he whines and plays innocent victim each time. I think he understands “freedom of speech” but he don’t accept “freedom of speech” when it comes to criticizing him. He’s a whiny baby for sure.


Gawker destroys Hulk Hogan by showing video of Hulk impersonating Miley Cyrus’s “Wrecking Ball” video…

Wow. This is awesome! Yep, Hogan is finished. He’s definitely gonna lose the trial ’cause of this reason alone.

So let me get this straight, Hulk whines and cries about “invasion of privacy” then he goes ahead and does a commercial making fun of Miley Cyrus by wearing a thong? The Miley Cyrus parody video slightly shows his buttocks which we didn’t need to see. Hulk cries about “invasion of privacy” and then he does a parody commercial half-naked, seriously?



This joke of a trial should end tomorrow ’cause closing arguments will be tomorrow and then the verdict will be announced. I believe Gawker will be victorious big time. Why? Simply because Hulk couldn’t show enough evidence. Also, Hulk cries about “invasion of privacy” but he seems to be open about his sex life in media interviews and he does a racy parody video of Miley Cyrus. He cries about his ass being exposed in that sex tape yet he has no problem showing his ass in the “Wrecking Ball” video? What’s wrong with that picture?

In other news, I’ve read here that Hogan has sealed records of the case so does he and Bubba have something to hide?


I hope the judge does the right thing and give Gawker the victory and they won’t have to pay Hulk a single cent.

Once freedom of speech wins, then Gawker can put the video back up and they can keep exposing the loser that Hulk Hogan really is.


Is Heather Cole protecting Hulk Hogan, how much money did Hulk pay her for “hush” money?

Is there by any chance that Heather Cole is protecting Hulk? That’s kind of what it seems like. She’s another one who claims she didn’t know they were being filmed. It’s also no surprise to find out that she had sex with Hulk more than once. I think she’s lying about being mad about it and asking for it to stop. She too is another dumbass who will never take responsibility for her own actions and she’s now blaming her husband, Todd Clem (aka Bubba the Love Sponge). Heather and Todd separated back in 2011, I believe and now she’s trying make Todd aka Bubba the Love Sponge look like the bad guy.


Some of you may shake your head and think to yourself, “Why would a married man share their wife with someone else
?”. I’m sure there are some things you don’t understand about some couples. Some of them have weird sexual fantasies and some married men do get off by sharing their wife with other men, some married men just don’t care. It’s a weird fantasy kind of thing. Some couples can be like that. Some married couples can be crazy like that.

That’s something I would never do, sleep with a married woman even if her husband gave me permission. Married women are off-limits for me.

Hulk is dumb for doing it… he had sex with a married woman a couple of times and doesn’t get any flak for it. Yet his fans continue to worship him anyways.

I still believe that there is something going on between Hulk and Bubba. I think Bubba and Heather are trying to help Hulk get rich off of this thing. This whole “invasion of privacy” thing was staged.


Is the Hogan vs. Gawker trial about the sex tape or the size of his dick? Which is it?

Does anyone find it really strange when Hulk Hogan claims he’s a private man but he was open about his dick size in court? Really? Lawyers asking about Hulk’s dick size really? Are they this interested in what he has? They seem to be more interested in his dick size then the tape itself. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! WOW!



As expected this trial is turning out to be a real circus ’cause duh, it’s Hulk Hogan. That guy is a train wreck and he’s also a piece of shit. That idiot will do anything to protect his wrestling legacy and that’s probably why he lies so much.

I wish all of his fans & supporters will wake up and get a reality check but they live in this delusional world of “always respect the legend”. Ya know, I could care less if someone is legendary or a king. I could care less if you’re the president of the United States. If someone is a piece of shit, then he/she is a piece of shit. I don’t care who.

If you want to listen to someone who speaks the truth about Hulk Hogan listen to Bret the Hitman Hart and the Ultimate Warrior… it’s no secret that both of those guys despise Hogan. Well Warrior is obviously not around anymore but both of those guys despised Hulk.

I really hope Hulk loses this battle with Gawker and that’ll be a big dose of karma for him right there. Hulk has always been lawsuit happy when things don’t go his way so this is nothing new, y’all. I can’t stand Hulk Hogan. I haven’t been liking him for a long time now. I used to love Hulk back in the 80’s like most people but he turned into a piece of shit.


More on why Hulk Hogan is definitely gonna lose the Gawker trial…

Some questions that needs to get answered over this whole thing:

1. How did Gawker get hold of the sex tape? Who’s the publisher?

2. Did Hogan really know he was being filmed?

3. How are they going to prove that Gawker intentionally tried to destroy him and his image?

Hulk claimed he didn’t know he was being filmed but that could be a flat-out lie as well. We need proof on whether or not Hogan knew he was being filmed. We also need hard evidence on how Gawker got hold of the sex tape but so far there are none yet. Who sent the tape to them?

This is how Hulk is gonna lose the Gawker trial ’cause they’re gonna need answers to those three questions which they are never gonna get. Like I said, Gawker’s gonna win the dismissal and freedom of speech will win. On top of that, it’s gonna be very difficult to prove how Gawker intentionally tried to “harm” Hulk Hogan and they’re never gonna prove it.

Here’s day 4:


Anyway, Gawker’s defense of posting the video on their site is they think it’s “fascinating” and “newsworthy”. I agree. Well, one thing that Hulk has to learn that celebrity “sex-tapes” has always been a hot topic in Hollywood land. A lot of celebrities has become victims of sex tapes leaks most notably Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton which both of those ladies became famous for. That’s what they do report the news on “celebrities”.

I really do believe Hulk is gonna lose this thing, big time. It’s looking like it so far. Hulk’s got nothing to prove. Where’s the hard evidence? Talking doesn’t prove anything. They need EVIDENCE!

Btw, the reason Hulk is wearing a do-rag in court is ’cause he’s bald.


It’s real sad that Hulk Hogan have to blame everything on his ex-wife Linda…

You know what I find sad about this whole sex tape thing with Hulk Hogan? One thing that I find sad about it is that Hulk has to go around blaming his ex-wife Linda Hogan for his problems. Hulk has been going around different interviews for the radio and press claiming that the reason he went for the decision to bang Bubba’s wife was that Hulk was going through a dark time in his life. Things like getting done with a heated divorce with Linda, dealing with all the legal stuff his son Nick, Hulk having all kinds of surgeries for his back, etc. Things like that. Hulk wants to blame the sex tape incident on that stuff instead of himself.

Linda speaks to RadarOnline exposing Hulk for his lies. Hulk said during his opening testimony that he did the reality show to make his ex-wife happy but Linda said he was totally willing all the way.


I always knew that Hulk is a pathological liar. He always has been. Sad thing is, Hulk Hogan still has too many delusional supporters and they can’t see the egomaniac and liar that he truly is. I always knew that Hogan is a piece of shit. Why do you think so many other wrestlers hate the guy so much? He tried to save TNA wrestling but he failed. He tried to return to WWE and failed. Now he wants a huge payday out of Gawker.

Man, I wish the Ultimate Warrior was still alive to see all of this going on. If Warrior was still alive, he would still be making youtube videos ripping Hogan over all this drama.

Did we really have to know all the details of Hulk’s sex life? Linda doesn’t deserve to be brought into this drama but Hulk keeps blaming everything on her. Like I said, he has no one to blame but himself.

If Hulk loses the lawsuit to Gawker, I’m sure he’s gonna try something else. He’ll make Linda his next target.


Why Hulk Hogan is gonna lose the lawsuit to Gawker… simply because of lack of evidence?

This “Hogan vs. Gawker” trial is entertaining stuff. It’s a circus for sure but what do you expect when it comes to Hulk Hogan? Everything about that man’s life is a fuckin’ circus! Well from the looks of things so far, I really believe that Hulk is gonna lose the lawsuit. Gawker will be victorious in winning the dismissal. I’m betting your money on it.

Why? Simply because of lack of evidence really. So far from what I’ve seen and read, the Hogan camp haven’t showed any evidence. It’s not what you know, it’s what you can prove. They’re having a hard time trying to prove how Gawker destroyed him. They’re trying every desperate attempt to make Gawker look like the bad guy.

I hate that Gawker website… I hate it but they totally had the right to post the video and write about the story ’cause TMZ was the one who picked up on it first before anyone else.

Here is day 3 of the trial here:


Why do I get this feeling that Hulk himself was involved with the release of the video? Was this whole thing secretly planned by him and Bubba so Hulk can get a big payday of this? Keep in mind now, you can’t trust professional wrestlers. Sometimes they can use wrestling storylines in real life and they can be good actors. So all of these claims that Hogan has been “destroyed” and “humiliated” over was probably acting. All staged. Hogan sued Bubba but they settled so that says something there.

Can you see Hulk and Bubba secretly planning this?

Hulk: “I’m broke, Bubba, what do I do, brotha?”
Bubba the Love Sponge: “Lets make your own sex tape with my wife. Then we can blame it on Gawker and the media will eat it up. Then you can sue Gawker.”

Whatever it takes to make Hogan rich again ’cause he had a failed wrestling career. Probably wasn’t making enough money off of wrestling so he tries to find other ways to get rich again.