Hogan speaks on trial verdict, my response…

Hogan speaks on the trial verdict… his so-called “victory” over Gawker. As usual Hulk inserts himself into everything. That’s one thing that I can’t stand about Hulk Hogan when it comes to his interviews. Each time I hear a Hulk Hogan interview, he’s always “me, me, me,” all the time. He’s a self-centered egotistical jackass. Always has been. He’s also a pathological liar. I’m so tired of him talking about himself all the time.

Each time this piece of shit gets into trouble for something, he’s always playing innocent victim trying his best to get people to feel sorry for him and it’s working for him sadly. A lot of people do feel sorry for him when Hulk Hogan is a loser who isn’t to be trusted at all.


He continues to maintain that he didn’t know he was being filmed but I think that’s a huge lie. I think he knew he was being filmed all the way. If Gawker wants to defend themselves successfully then they should prove that Hulk knew he was being filmed. Gawker actually did try to prove that Hulk knew he was being filmed but the judge wouldn’t allow them to show the evidence. The court barred Gawker from showing the jury evidence for their defense. So the judge was very picky and choosy over certain evidence that Gawker was allowed to show. I agree with Mr. Denton totally that the trial was a big sham.


It seemed that the trial was designed to help Hulk Hogan look like a winner from the get-go. It was set out to make Gawker look like the bad guy and they were successful. Hulk Hogan’s victory was also a cover for his racism.

Hogan and his fans maybe celebrating the victory but just wait until Gawker unloads the evidence proving Hulk Hogan the piece of shit racist that he is. I also noticed that Hogan’s “N-word” stuff wasn’t brought up in the trial much. Hulk is a racist and according to Nick Denton’s write-up, they have the evidence to prove that.

Gawker still has a chance to destroy Hulk Hogan. Stop being so delusional, hulkamaniacs.

Wrestling fans really need to wake up and realize what a piece of garbage Hulk is. I always knew that Hulk Hogan is a piece of shit and still stand by it today.


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