Video: Not a fan of “The View” but kudos to the women confronting Hulk Hogan the racist!!!

I’m not a fan of “The View” like most people but this is an incredible interview. Hulk Hogan is a piece of work ain’t he? Kudos to the women of “The View” for hitting the Hulkster with some pretty tough questions and I’m pretty sure all of his answers are nothing but lies!

I loved how the women of “The View” confronted Hulk about the use of the “N” word when it comes to Hulk’s daughter. Hulk’s response to that is pretty classic. I loved how he claimed that even WWE knows that he isn’t a racist even if they fired him ’cause they did that as a business decision. Really, Hulk? Can you come up with a better defense than that? I think that’s the exact reason WWE fired his ass ’cause they know he’s a racist. The trial giving Hulk the victory just made it okay for him to use the “N” word. Nick Denton of Gawker says he’s got evidence proving Hogan the racist and I hope he exposes Hulk very soon.

Throughout that interview Hulk was looking pretty nervous and what’s with the long hair? Hulk didn’t have that long hair dangling during the trial. It’s a wig obviously.

Hulk is such a drama queen and a whiny baby.


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