Jury predictably sides with Hulk Hogan but I’m feeling the battle won’t be over yet…

So because Hulk Hogan won the lawsuit doesn’t make him innocent. Still doesn’t prove anything. Gawker still has a right to defend themselves ’cause they can file an appeal anytime they please and they probably will. Hulk didn’t show enough evidence and didn’t prove anything but no surprise the jury sides with him anyway. See what power, fame and money will do? If you have all that, you can get away with everything.

This means that “Freedom of Speech” lost and our 1st Amendment is in danger. Our 1st Amendment rights has been in danger for years now. It seems we can’t tell the truth without people dictating everything these days. Quite sad.

I’m feeling that Gawker is gonna fight back and they will fight back pretty hard. This battle is gonna get nasty now.


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