Will I vote for the upcoming New York primaries on April 19th? Yep, you betcha I would!

April 19th will be the big day for the Election and yes, I will probably vote on that day. I’ll probably vote for no one other than the Donald, of course. I want to help put my vote in for him so he can win New York.

And he probably will win New York. Even though it may seem like that New York State is full of insane Bernie supporters, not really. Don’t let that fool ya ’cause realistically, New York has full of Trump supporters.

The proof is here:


It’s funny ya know, each time Donald Trump wins a certain state, libtards will say, “I hate that state” just because Trump won…. well I guess you libtards will hate New York ’cause he’s gonna win our state too. So if he wins New York, you should move the hell out, you whiny babies.

On this website:


I just looked up to see if I’m still a registered voter and I am! I’m a registered Republican still which I just found out by looking it up. I’ve been a registered Republican for a long time. I’ve thought about switching my political party to “independent” ’cause I don’t like the GOP anymore but I don’t think I’m gonna do that. I won’t switch to independent unless the Donald does but so far, he hasn’t done that.

I’ll vote on the 19th of April for sure. I usually never vote on the primaries but for this one I will ’cause I want to help Trump. I want to piss the haters off even more.


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