Is Heather Cole protecting Hulk Hogan, how much money did Hulk pay her for “hush” money?

Is there by any chance that Heather Cole is protecting Hulk? That’s kind of what it seems like. She’s another one who claims she didn’t know they were being filmed. It’s also no surprise to find out that she had sex with Hulk more than once. I think she’s lying about being mad about it and asking for it to stop. She too is another dumbass who will never take responsibility for her own actions and she’s now blaming her husband, Todd Clem (aka Bubba the Love Sponge). Heather and Todd separated back in 2011, I believe and now she’s trying make Todd aka Bubba the Love Sponge look like the bad guy.

Some of you may shake your head and think to yourself, “Why would a married man share their wife with someone else
?”. I’m sure there are some things you don’t understand about some couples. Some of them have weird sexual fantasies and some married men do get off by sharing their wife with other men, some married men just don’t care. It’s a weird fantasy kind of thing. Some couples can be like that. Some married couples can be crazy like that.

That’s something I would never do, sleep with a married woman even if her husband gave me permission. Married women are off-limits for me.

Hulk is dumb for doing it… he had sex with a married woman a couple of times and doesn’t get any flak for it. Yet his fans continue to worship him anyways.

I still believe that there is something going on between Hulk and Bubba. I think Bubba and Heather are trying to help Hulk get rich off of this thing. This whole “invasion of privacy” thing was staged.


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