Video: Trump’s new attack ad on Hillary is just golden! WOW!

Hillary’s dog barking is real and it’s just disgusting.

I dare Hillary bark like a dog in front of Donald Trump when she debates him in person. Hillary maybe smiling and laughing a lot at the Dem Debates & her speeches at her rallies but trust me, y’all… she won’t be smiling and laughing when she goes face to face with the Donald.

You know how Hillary makes that evil smile a lot? When she smiles like that, it’s not because she’s happy and trying to be positive. It’s an evil smile. A smile full of hate. That’s how evil Hillary is. Yep, she better be ready to debate Donald in person ’cause trust me, she’s not gonna like it. I think she could storm out of the debate, you know walk out in the middle of it ’cause she couldn’t handle him. I’m predicting that will happen. Seriously folks, I don’t think she’ll enjoy debating him at all, I repeat. Donald Trump will easily wipe that smile off her face, watch for it. She won’t be laughing and joking when he’s around that’s for sure.

Wait until they debate over things like Benghazi, the e-mails, the Nixon Watergate scandal and things like that. He’s gonna get tough and mean on her, trust me on that. I can’t wait for them to debate each other. It’s gonna be entertaining TV for sure so be sure to get the popcorn ready.



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