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Thought: The recent news on Hulk Hogan… doesn’t surprise me…

Isn’t it kind of funny that Hulk Hogan’s sex tape has been leaked and all of a sudden, Linda Hogan (Hulk’s ex-wife) has been arrested for DUI at the same time?

The story going around that Hulk Hogan’s longtime friend and radio interviewer, Bubba the Love Sponge (most famous for having a radioshow interviewing professional wrestlers), supposedly leaked a sex tape with Hogan in it, banging Bubba’s wife. On Howard Stern, Hogan claims that Bubba gave him the blessing to bang his wife. Turns out that Bubba videotaped it all, and leaked it to the web for the world to see.

Of course, typical Hulk cries about it, and takes legal action.

For those who think Hogan disgraced himself with the sex tape, don’t get the wrong idea. Hogan disgraced himself and destroyed his reputation for years, goes way back in his wrestling career. The douche has always been a fuckin’ trainwreck, ya know? The guy is an egomaniac, and a liar. He will do anything to defend himself just to make himself look good publicly after he misbehaves behind the scenes. He really believes he is “Hulkamaniac”, and he will do whatever it takes, to save his legacy and character. He hurt many people in the past and lied to a lot of people. Especially, when he lied about burying the hatchet with Macho Man Randy Savage before his death. It was a lie. Randy Savage always hated Hulk. Plus, Hulk is known to destroying and hurting other wrestlers like Bret Hart, Ultimate Warrior, Iron Sheik, Honky Tonk Man, etc. The list goes on.

Hogan’s a piece of shit. Always has been. I used to like Hulk Hogan back in the 80’s and during the 90’s WCW era when he was in the nWo. Hogan used to be cool, but now he’s a washed up loser.

Like I said plenty of times in this blog, if you don’t want nude photos or sex tapes leaked to the public where the whole world can see, then you shouldn’t have done that stuff at all. This was Hogan’s fault, clearly, and like always, he plays the innocent victim. Hulk is a lunatic and it’s just sad that he’s still going in wrestling working for TNA. A lot of legendary wrestlers have retired and moved on, but of course, Hulk keeps going. He thinks wrestling is all for himself. He’s a douche, a mess. To hell with Hulk.


Thought: Don’t be so quick to assume Fantasia tried to kill herself over a married man, wow!!!

So former “American Idol” star, Fantasia Barrino, attempted to kill herself with Aspirin and Sleep Aid. Reports claim that it could be because she was overwhelmed and depressed that she had an affair with a married man. Really? Do you have to be this quick to jump to conclusions? Maybe it was more than just that. Read her past, do research on what her life was like before her fame.

She dropped out of high school because she was raped by a class mate. She got pregnant at the young age of 16, and lots of other bad things happened to her life over the years growing up. Maybe she felt depressed because the rape back in school, came back to her. Maybe she was real stressed out in life. Don’t assume it’s because of this silly sex tape that got all over the internet. I’m sure it was something more personal than that.

The world of gossip news just suck.