Thought: Don’t be so quick to assume Fantasia tried to kill herself over a married man, wow!!!

So former “American Idol” star, Fantasia Barrino, attempted to kill herself with Aspirin and Sleep Aid. Reports claim that it could be because she was overwhelmed and depressed that she had an affair with a married man. Really? Do you have to be this quick to jump to conclusions? Maybe it was more than just that. Read her past, do research on what her life was like before her fame.

She dropped out of high school because she was raped by a class mate. She got pregnant at the young age of 16, and lots of other bad things happened to her life over the years growing up. Maybe she felt depressed because the rape back in school, came back to her. Maybe she was real stressed out in life. Don’t assume it’s because of this silly sex tape that got all over the internet. I’m sure it was something more personal than that.

The world of gossip news just suck.


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