Thought: Brock thinks there is nothing wrong with Levi Johnston, he’s all cool with me…

Levi Johnston might be the public’s most hated figure, but what did he do wrong that upset a lot of people? Sure, he may have shagged Bristol and knocked her up, around the time the Sarah Palin/John McCain presidential election was happening, but I still don’t understand the controversy. Bristol may have been 16 or 17 at the time she was pregnant, but I believe the legal age of consent for sex in Alaska is 16. So as long as it’s legal in Alaska, there’s nothing wrong with that, in my book.

Sure, he posed for “Playgirl” magazine for more publicity and to try to get a career in the entertainment world. That incident may have sparked the outrage at Levi, but hey, whatever it takes to get your name out there, more power to him. The guy is just doing whatever makes him happy, that’s the beauty of America, is the freedom to do what you want to do and make your own choices. If he wants to use the Palin family just to try and get into the entertainment business that way, honestly, that’s a pretty smart way to go.

All Levi wants is to love Bristol and their son, Trig, just like any man would want. Why is it so hard to understand? I’m sure Levi is not the bad guy that the public is making him out to be, I’m sure he’s just a normal dude like most of us men. Men hates getting dumped and they hate losing custody of their child. So can you blame Levi for starting stuff with the Palins? Oooops, correction, Levi didn’t really start anything. If Sarah and Bristol didn’t open their big mouth, then the whole world would be cool with Levi.

Yes, I’m a Sarah Palin fan and supporter, but I don’t like her feud with Levi Johnston. It’s gone on far enough. When Levi got re-engaged with Bristol, we all thought the family was on good terms. Then Bristol broke off the engagement again, blaming Levi that he was playing her. Here we go, the Levi vs. Sarah feud starts up again. After this nonsense, Levi gets a deal for his own TV reality show and he now wants to run for Mayor of Wasilla. Is this Levi’s way of giving payback for Sarah? It seems so.

Levi’s done nothing wrong at all. He’s just being a man and wants to take care of Trig as well. It’s Bristol and Sarah that are acting like a couple of bitches. It’s them who are trying to make Levi look ridiculous in the media. Maybe Levi wanting to be mayor is nothing personal against Sarah at all? Maybe around the John McCain/Barack Obama election, inspired Levi that he wants to get into politics himself, so he’s using Sarah as an inspiration and influence.

Keep doing your thing, Levi, and don’t let the Palins bring you down!


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