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Interesting… Emily Blunt refuses to talk about Michael Buble cheating on her on Howard Stern…

Howard Stern has always been the master at getting celebrities and famous people to be more open and honest about their personal lives. Howard is always an expert at that; however, Emily Blunt is one of the few celebrities who refuses to open up to him. Howard keeps trying but she won’t.


I know getting cheated on sucks, Emily but welcome to the world of fame, darlin’. You can’t trust the rich and famous. A lot of guys who has fame & power will think they’re more important than everyone else so celebrity women needs to be careful out there.


Report: Kiss is no longer a Billboard hit, Michael Buble steals the legendary band’s spotlight…

Kiss’s new album, “Sonic Boom” couldn’t even make no. 1 in the Billboard. Instead, a new singer/songwriter that is unknown steal the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famer hopefuls spotlight. That is Michael Buble.

Kiss only sold 108,000 copies of “Sonic Boom”, while Buble sold 132,000.

108,000 copies of “Sonic Boom” is not really that great if you think about it. So that’s further proof that not many people out there care for Kiss anymore. I like Kiss but only with Ace Frehley. I don’t like Kiss with other guitarists.

Billboard reports: