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Like I said before, Iggy Azalea is gonna be HUGE!!!

Check this article out…


Rihanna, Beyonce and Lady Gaga better watch out ’cause Iggy is getting ready to take over the mainstream pretty soon.

Love her album, “The New Classic”. Not sure why but I do. I don’t find her a guilty pleasure either, I really do love her music. Her album is addicting stuff.


Black Sabbath’s new album, “13”, number one?

Just like with Queens of the Stone Age making a no. 1 record, it’s hard to believe with Black Sabbath as well! Black Sabbath are now no. 1 on the Billboard top 200 for their new album, “13”. After all these years, Sabbath w/ Ozzy fronting, still has the love!

If rock musicians keep going and keep up the good work, we can have a rock revival in the industry for sure!

Congrats to these guys, well deserved. I listened to “13” with free Itunes streaming. The album is pretty good but I still prefer their classics more. I’ll admit they aren’t the same without Bill Ward on drums.

Now their comeback is a success be on the lookout for even more Sabbath w/ Ozzy albums in the future as long as Tony is still alive.


Report: Billboard finally gives opportunity to unsigned artists, they announced an “Uncharted” chart…

Billboard magazine announced that they have created a new chart called, “Uncharted”. It’s for unsigned and signed artists who have the most plays on the internet whether it’s on myspace, youtube or twitter, they get listed in this chart. Signed artists can be on the chart, but they can’t be listed on any other Billboard chart.

Read more about it, here.

Yes, there are plenty of unsigned artists and bands out there, that gets a lot of plays. Maybe someday, I will get listed on this chart, somehow, lol. Ya never know. Good idea Billboard. It’s about time!


Report: Kiss is no longer a Billboard hit, Michael Buble steals the legendary band’s spotlight…

Kiss’s new album, “Sonic Boom” couldn’t even make no. 1 in the Billboard. Instead, a new singer/songwriter that is unknown steal the Rock n’ Roll Hall of Famer hopefuls spotlight. That is Michael Buble.

Kiss only sold 108,000 copies of “Sonic Boom”, while Buble sold 132,000.

108,000 copies of “Sonic Boom” is not really that great if you think about it. So that’s further proof that not many people out there care for Kiss anymore. I like Kiss but only with Ace Frehley. I don’t like Kiss with other guitarists.

Billboard reports: