Black Sabbath’s new album, “13”, number one?

Just like with Queens of the Stone Age making a no. 1 record, it’s hard to believe with Black Sabbath as well! Black Sabbath are now no. 1 on the Billboard top 200 for their new album, “13”. After all these years, Sabbath w/ Ozzy fronting, still has the love!

If rock musicians keep going and keep up the good work, we can have a rock revival in the industry for sure!

Congrats to these guys, well deserved. I listened to “13” with free Itunes streaming. The album is pretty good but I still prefer their classics more. I’ll admit they aren’t the same without Bill Ward on drums.

Now their comeback is a success be on the lookout for even more Sabbath w/ Ozzy albums in the future as long as Tony is still alive.


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