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Why are people offended by all the nudity in the show “Girls”? I don’t get it???

I don’t understand why people are getting offended and complaining about the nudity in the HBO show, “Girls”, which is a show created by Lena Dunham and Judd Apatow. I find it hypocritical and weird that people would complain about the obsession of nudity in that show when there is nudity all over shows like, “Game of Thrones”, “True Blood”, “Dexter”, etc. You name it… there are naked women all over them. I don’t understand the controversy with the nudity of “Girls”.

My guess as to why people are complaining about the nudity of “Girls” is because the women in the show are pretty young and most of the girls in that show aren’t supermodel types either. I also believe that show “Girls” doesn’t use body-double. When those young women get naked on the show, “Girls”, they are normal girls. You aren’t gonna see plastic looking women with breast implants and you aren’t gonna see airbrushing either. Maybe that’s why people are getting mad at the show ’cause the women aren’t perfect. What you see is what you get.

I haven’t watched much of “Girls”. I did watch most of the first season but haven’t yet seen the second. I’m thinking of buying the DVD sets soon so I can catch up with the show.

I respect the show ’cause what they’re doing takes a lot of guts. In my opinion, Lena shouldn’t give up the nudity ’cause other people don’t like it. If other people don’t like it and are offended by it, they’re doing something right. They should keep the nudity going and keep offending people. As long as the show is creating controversy, they are successful at what they do and the nudity helps draws in more ratings.

If Lena wants to show off her naked body for the whole world to see… more power to her. The thing that this show proved is that Lena is pretty confident in her sexuality and not afraid to show-off even if her body is not so hot. She’s very comfortable with herself. Nothing wrong with that. If she wants to be naked in front of the camera all of the time, that’s her business. It’s clear she doesn’t mind getting naked in front of people and that’s what makes her awesome.

I think she’s a gorgeous woman, by the way. I think I would totally date her myself. I think all the Lena hate is just jealousy. Nothing more.

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Howard Stern vs. Lena Dunham thoughts…

I love Howard Stern and all, but I think he really went over the line when he made fun of Lena Dunham’s weight. In my opinion, I think Lena is a gorgeous girl. Probably one of the most beautiful celebrity women out there. Lena is a natural beauty. I hope she keeps it that way. Lena is more real than all the other celebrity women who are mostly plastic surgery and full of breast implants. Not with Lena though. I’m pretty sure, Lena is all natural.

I respect the hell out of Lena. In fact, I’m a huge fan. I love her show, “Girls”. She has a lot of guts to show her naked body for the world to see. Yes, she maybe a little obsessed with nudity, but there is nothing wrong with it. These are the kind of women I like. The natural women. I would even date her, if I could.

She just wants to express herself, and Howard was wrong what he did. Glad he admitted it.

“Girls”, really is great. Check it out yourself, sometime.

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