Why are people offended by all the nudity in the show “Girls”? I don’t get it???

I don’t understand why people are getting offended and complaining about the nudity in the HBO show, “Girls”, which is a show created by Lena Dunham and Judd Apatow. I find it hypocritical and weird that people would complain about the obsession of nudity in that show when there is nudity all over shows like, “Game of Thrones”, “True Blood”, “Dexter”, etc. You name it… there are naked women all over them. I don’t understand the controversy with the nudity of “Girls”.

My guess as to why people are complaining about the nudity of “Girls” is because the women in the show are pretty young and most of the girls in that show aren’t supermodel types either. I also believe that show “Girls” doesn’t use body-double. When those young women get naked on the show, “Girls”, they are normal girls. You aren’t gonna see plastic looking women with breast implants and you aren’t gonna see airbrushing either. Maybe that’s why people are getting mad at the show ’cause the women aren’t perfect. What you see is what you get.

I haven’t watched much of “Girls”. I did watch most of the first season but haven’t yet seen the second. I’m thinking of buying the DVD sets soon so I can catch up with the show.

I respect the show ’cause what they’re doing takes a lot of guts. In my opinion, Lena shouldn’t give up the nudity ’cause other people don’t like it. If other people don’t like it and are offended by it, they’re doing something right. They should keep the nudity going and keep offending people. As long as the show is creating controversy, they are successful at what they do and the nudity helps draws in more ratings.

If Lena wants to show off her naked body for the whole world to see… more power to her. The thing that this show proved is that Lena is pretty confident in her sexuality and not afraid to show-off even if her body is not so hot. She’s very comfortable with herself. Nothing wrong with that. If she wants to be naked in front of the camera all of the time, that’s her business. It’s clear she doesn’t mind getting naked in front of people and that’s what makes her awesome.

I think she’s a gorgeous woman, by the way. I think I would totally date her myself. I think all the Lena hate is just jealousy. Nothing more.

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6 thoughts on “Why are people offended by all the nudity in the show “Girls”? I don’t get it???”

  1. I don’t think anyone was complaining about the nudity in “Girls.” The reporter in question was asking why Lena Dunham was naked at random times in the show for no particular reason. He wasn’t offended by it, he just didn’t understand why she chose to do it when it had nothing to do with the story.

    And I get that some people are often naked at home, sure. But everything on a TV show makes a statement, and Dunham naked seems to be making a statement, but it’s unclear why. It doesn’t appear to be done for realism. It’s just random and weird, and that’s why the reporter brought it up.

    1. And Dunham and Apatow’s responses seem to be dodging. They’re assuming the reporter was offended or making it seem like he’s saying she can’t be naked. Far from it, he makes it clear he doesn’t have a problem with it, but he wants to know the motivation. Motivation other than “sometimes people are naked at home” because it adds nothing to the show storywise.

      1. I also see from the article that they say it’s done to show Dunham’s character is braver than other characters. Well, it may be that Lena Dunham herself is brave to be naked, and kudos to her. But her fictional character being naked at home isn’t making a statement of bravery, because you and I can be naked at home and no one will see. It’s just a weird choice by the show to have this, and the reporter was asking why, and Dunham and Apatow (Apatow moreso) didn’t seem to want to give a straight answer.

        It’s very weird.

      2. It’s not only the reporter that is the problem. Fans of this show are also upset with Lena’s obsession with nudity. The viewers complain about it too. Like I said, if that’s what Lena wants to do, that’s her business. In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with people wanting to show off their naked bodies for the whole world to see. In my opinion, nudity is part of an “art”. I think people wanting to be naked is a great thing to do. Nothing wrong with it. It’s their right.


      3. I mean so many models and porn stars are doing it for magazines and movies and stuff, why can’t Lena do it? I think people don’t want her doing it ’cause they don’t think she’s attractive looking. If she was hot, then maybe people wouldn’t have a problem with her doing it.


      4. Look like another post closed. As usual people just wanna be assholes and have opposite opinions on everything I post ’cause you guys just crave that attention. Lena should have every right to go nude as much as she wants.


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