Neil Young left Pegi Young for Daryl Hannah and now Pegi is dead, hope you’re proud of yourself, Mr. Young!

Man, this is sad and terrible news. Neil and Pegi were a couple for 36 years — they were married for a pretty long time. Then Neil starts dating “Splash” actress Daryl Hannah while Neil was still married to Pegi. Then Neil files for divorce on Pegi and a few years later, he marries Daryl.

Pegi Young has been battling cancer for a while now from what I’ve read but unfortunately, looks like she lost the battle.

Neil maybe a talented musician and all, I’ve admired his music for a pretty long time and am a fan but I’m not afraid to admit that Neil is a horrible person in real life. The man is an asshole and kind of a douchebag.

When you’ve been with the same woman for over 30 years you stay with that woman forever but apparently Neil never cared. It’s pretty clear that Neil cares more for Daryl than Pegi. You think Neil would be with Pegi while she tried to battled cancer and now she’s gone. Sounds like Neil wasn’t by her side when she peacefully passed and he should have been. Neil is now a certified piece of shit.

Will Neil put out a statement about Pegi’s passing? He really should but he probably won’t. We’ll wait and see. I’m sure he’s devastated yes but he should have been with her while she was battling the cancer. I’m sure Pegi wanted Neil by her side before she passed.

I know Pegi is a musician and singer herself. I’ve heard her solo songs before and she’s quite good. RIP Pegi.



4 thoughts on “Neil Young left Pegi Young for Daryl Hannah and now Pegi is dead, hope you’re proud of yourself, Mr. Young!”

  1. I agree with you 110%, what an asshole. Can’t even listen to him anymore. Also, CSNY, the band that preached ‘peace’ for a generation, can’t even make peace with each other.

    1. Yeah, Neil did put out a statement after Pegi’s passing and did a little tribute for Pegi but it wasn’t much of a tribute. He didn’t say “I Love You” to her or anything, all he said for his statement was that he thanked her for being a great mother for his kids. Makes him an asshole even more. A pretty good sign that Neil and Pegi didn’t get along so well which is why Neil cheated on her for Daryl Hannah.

      1. Too right. So disappointed in him, holding himself out there as a man of deep feeling and conscience. Feet of clay. Pegi devoted her life to him and their family. She deserved so much better. He may as well have shoved her off a cliff.

  2. Was watching documentary about Neil Young- Heart of Gold with his long time wife Pegi providing back up vocals behind him. She gave her WHOLE life to supporting him, raising his kid from a different woman as well as their own kids, 2 of the kids have cerebral palsy. What does he do? Trades her in for a younger model. Puts her and their kids through hell and she dies a few years later from cancer. What a douchebag. Some conscience these two have got… oh ya, take care of the environment, but don’t give a shit about who’s lives they ruined with their little fantasy romance. They have no honour. Shame on them, but mostly on Neil. Total dick move.

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