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Neil Young left Pegi Young for Daryl Hannah and now Pegi is dead, hope you’re proud of yourself, Mr. Young!

Man, this is sad and terrible news. Neil and Pegi were a couple for 36 years — they were married for a pretty long time. Then Neil starts dating “Splash” actress Daryl Hannah while Neil was still married to Pegi. Then Neil files for divorce on Pegi and a few years later, he marries Daryl.

Pegi Young has been battling cancer for a while now from what I’ve read but unfortunately, looks like she lost the battle.


Neil maybe a talented musician and all, I’ve admired his music for a pretty long time and am a fan but I’m not afraid to admit that Neil is a horrible person in real life. The man is an asshole and kind of a douchebag.

When you’ve been with the same woman for over 30 years you stay with that woman forever but apparently Neil never cared. It’s pretty clear that Neil cares more for Daryl than Pegi. You think Neil would be with Pegi while she tried to battled cancer and now she’s gone. Sounds like Neil wasn’t by her side when she peacefully passed and he should have been. Neil is now a certified piece of shit.

Will Neil put out a statement about Pegi’s passing? He really should but he probably won’t. We’ll wait and see. I’m sure he’s devastated yes but he should have been with her while she was battling the cancer. I’m sure Pegi wanted Neil by her side before she passed.

I know Pegi is a musician and singer herself. I’ve heard her solo songs before and she’s quite good. RIP Pegi.



Could Temple of the Dog reunite at Bridge School Benefit???

I just noticed that Soundgarden and Pearl Jam are booked for Neil’s Bridge School Benefit. Does that mean there is a possibility that there is going to be a Temple of the Dog reunion? Remember Temple of the Dog was a super group that had just Chris Cornell singing with Pearl Jam members including, Eddie.

That would be kick ass if Temple of the Dog gave us a surprise performance… maybe for a few songs or they perform that untitled album in it’s entirety. It be cool to see Eddie and Chris sing, “Hunger Strike” together again and I’m sure they will.


Neil Young’s “Bridge School Benefit” still happening despite his divorce with Pegi…

Neil and Pegi Young have been running the “Bridge School Benefit” concerts together since 1986. They’ve been doing it a long time but despite their divorce, “Bridge School Benefit” is still going on this year. Neil announced some big surprises in the lineup: Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, Florence and the Machine, Tom Jones, Nora Jones & Puss n Boots and others.

Oddly enough, Pegi’s band, Pegi Young and the Survivors is billed for a slot on the show too.


So even if Neil and Pegi are divorced, I take it that those two are still friends??? Maybe Neil isn’t even cheating on her at all and it was an amicable divorce, after all. Still, though, it’s pretty strange how Neil would dump Pegi for Daryl Hannah.

I thought Neil and Pegi would be a long lasting couple until they’re dead. Unfortunately not.

Anyway, I’m glad Neil Young and Pearl Jam are getting back together again.


Has Neil Young been cheating on Pegi???? It seems so…

It doesn’t surprise me that Neil Young could be having an affair with actress Daryl Hannah ’cause they worked on some projects together in the past before like their protests against the Keystone Pipeline for example. It’s looking like he filed divorced papers on Pegi so he can marry Daryl sometime in the future. Turns out he likes Daryl more than Pegi. It’s a shame that Neil would do this to Pegi after a 36 year long marriage.

While I think Neil Young is a talented guitar player and songwriter, I do think he’s an asshole, though. This could put a huge damage to his career.


Cheating is dumb. When you’re not happy with your wife or girlfriend, you be a man and let her know about it… then you split with her.

I’ll never cheat on a woman if I ever start dating.


Neil Young files divorce from Pegi Young after 36 years of marriage…

I’m not into celebrity gossip and marriage/divorce news but I thought this news would be worth passing along. This could affect the “Bridge School” benefit concerts that Neil and Pegi are both in charge of.

Some of you may wonder why the divorce after many years of marriage? Well… I’m almost pretty positive that Neil is gonna write a song or a whole album about it. Neil wrote tons of songs about Pegi over the years, I’m sure.

Maybe they have nothing against each other and the divorce was amicable??? Maybe Neil just wants to focus on his career more and just doesn’t have the time for marriage???

I’m not a big fan of Neil’s liberal politics but I’m a huge fan of his music, though. He’s a great singer, songwriter and guitarist. I’ve been listening to Neil Young for years.

Some of you may ask, why is Neil’s divorce news? Well, Pegi is a musician and has a career too and that’s probably why. It’s pretty obvious though that the only reason she has a music career is ’cause Neil helped get it going for her