Donald Trump and Neil Young are still friends, despite Neil not letting him use his song…

Since the news broke out today that Neil Young said that the Donald was not authorized to use his song “Rockin’ In the Free World” at his president announcement at Trump Tower, this news got libtards all excited. I’ve seen a lot of dumb posts and comments in Facebook, begging Neil Young to sue. Look like that’s not gonna happen ’cause despite Neil not letting Trump use his song, they’re still friends so it looks like a lawsuit isn’t gonna happen. Sorry to disappoint you libtards.

Trump defended himself and claims he did get the rights for the song but he will respect the musician’s wish if he doesn’t want him to use it.

Neil himself wrote a statement on his facebook page as you can see above… clarifying that he makes music for people and not for Presidential candidates.

Even though it may look like that they’re enemies over the use of the song, they’re not enemies at all. Neil is just trying to protect his music which he has the right to do.

Just more proof how dumb and childish libtards really are.

Anyway, while I am a huge Neil Young fan and have a lot of his albums… I skipped his previous album “Storytone” and I’m gonna skip his next one too ’cause I don’t believe in this save the world and get rid of GMO stuff. I’m not interested in that stuff but I still think Neil makes amazing music even though he is a liberal guy.


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