The only questionable thing about that “Spotify” app…

While facebook’s “Spotify” is pretty nice, it’s a little questionable. Enjoy it while you can, because it’s only a matter of time, the music industry and other bands will complain about it. Then the site could get turned into a pay site or they could shut it down. Not sure if that site is considered piracy or copyright infringement or not. Probabloy not, the people behind “Spotify” probably got a deal with most of the major labels, which is how most everything in the music world is on there.

I’m listening to Megadeth’s classic “Rust In Peace” album as I’m typing this. Yep, that’s my genre. While I like all kinds of music, rock & metal is it for me. I may not look like a metalhead, but I don’t need to look like one to enjoy the music. I love heavy metal. Loved the genre ever since I was a child.


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